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  1. Trevsked

    Parajet Maverick & Dudek Universal 1.1

    Thanks for the confirmation Simon 👍 Paramotor now sold so just the Wing left. Trevor.
  2. For sale is my 2018 Parajet Maverick Moster 185 Paramotor. I bought this in 2018 and has only done 6 hours flying so pretty much as new. Large size harness. This also comes with carry case. Great machine. £4500 Dudek Universal 1.1 in Fire scheme, 32mtrs for the more manly Pilot, again as new 2018 and 6 hours flying. £2500 Trevor, 07939 887791 Trevsked@yahoo.com
  3. Trevsked

    To reflex or not to reflex?

    No sorry, my poor post probably. The chap that Del points out was flying reflex and claims it wouldn’t happen with a Dominator. What I was trying to ask was how the Dominator would react with power on and a collapse as opposed to how he demos with a closed throttle. Trevor.
  4. Trevsked

    To reflex or not to reflex?

    My point exactly, he demos how good the Dominator is but if it collapsed with power on like the poor fella that lost his life, I wonder if it would recover as well. I have my doubts. Trevor.
  5. Trevsked

    To reflex or not to reflex?

    I’m not experienced enough to judge but whenever Del demos a collapse of some type he does so at idle. I’d assume there’s quite a difference doing the same with the throttle open when the collapse is unintended? Trevor.
  6. Given Delboys comments about the Hoaxglex wings, can we have a discussion comparing pilots experience and view. Anyone flown a Dominator and can comment from experience? The way he flies it makes it look very good indeed and the recent accident makes the reflex look poor but of course he’s a salesman so all his geese are swans. What do we think guys? Let’s keep it civil as a few comments on FB tend to be a bit personal and I’ve posted here as this has always come across as a friendly and constructive environment. Trevor.
  7. Trevsked


    You’re perfectly placed and I can highly recommend Simon, his approach perfectly suited me and a great bunch down at Membury. Trevor.
  8. Trevsked

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    Andy, Good tip to check for grit/sand, easily missed I’d imagine. Trevor.
  9. Trevsked

    Bore Chasers video & pictures thread

    47638376-0BF8-4FBF-838F-11DD9F6937F0.MOV 47638376-0BF8-4FBF-838F-11DD9F6937F0.MOV
  10. Trevsked

    Bore Chasers video & pictures thread

    48C73ADF-9F5D-48F0-AE3C-D364265FD64E.MOV 11BF7BE6-D78C-4F99-A073-6F790D687236.MOV
  11. Trevsked

    Bore Chasers video & pictures thread

  12. Trevsked

    Bore Chasers video & pictures thread

    Post up your pics and vids. Had a lovely day there on Saturday, lots of flying in perfect weather and was impressed with the quality of flying and ability of all the pilots. Yes of course there were a few trips and some not perfect take offs and landings but that just happens sometimes. Well done all. Trevor. 265CF70E-F19B-4E61-8F8D-F30B3FEF0B91.MOV
  13. Trevsked

    Membury Sunday Apr 21st?

    They’ll all be down in Arlingham for the Bore Chasers event. Go down and have a look if you’ve got time. Trevor.
  14. Trevsked

    Airband Radio in UK

    I contacted Andy Moon and he’s looking to arrange another course so we need three other candidates, anyone interested? Once he has four he will arrange a mutually agreeable date so if anyone likes to join then please say here and contact Andy. http://planespeak.com/ Trevor.
  15. Trevsked

    Was I right or wrong

    Out of interest, is it legal to fly from common land? Trevor.