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  1. Trevsked

    Pumping brakes

    Thanks all again for explaining. I do need to understand and use the energy available on landing, more flying needed. Trevor.
  2. Trevsked

    West/North London training + sites

    I can recommend Membury, well worth the trip. I live Rickmansworth area and was happy to travel down, usually took about an hour for the 60 miles. Trevor.
  3. Trevsked

    Pumping brakes

    Thanks all, I wasn’t going to try it but was interested to hear why some used it. Trevor.
  4. Trevsked

    Pumping brakes

    I’ve seen this on landing at Membury by at least one person but looking at YT it seems to be used mostly by paraglider pilots. What’s the theory here? Trevor.
  5. Trevsked

    Merry Christmas! & Bore chasers dates!! :-)

    Just realised this is Easter weekend. Trevor.
  6. Trevsked

    Merry Christmas! & Bore chasers dates!! :-)

    Happy Christmas all and look forward to my first Bore Chasers 👍 Trevor.
  7. Trevsked

    Sub 70 kg "nanolight"

    Yep just assumed a larger wing on the trike setup and didn't think it would be any quicker as a result. Given that info Simon, once I let the trimmers out all the way I should be licking along then Trevor.
  8. Trevsked

    Sub 70 kg "nanolight"

    Think I'd have one as an addition to my paramotor as opposed to instead of. Interesting that you say it's only a little faster than the paramotor trike, I assume the trike is faster than a regular paramotor then? Trevor.
  9. Second option, pull to the compression then release and give it a decent pull. Trevor.
  10. Trevsked

    Sub 70 kg "nanolight"

    I really like these and the Eurofly Snake. Great that you don’t need a hangar too. Trevor.
  11. Trevsked

    Paramotor Club Theory day

    Echo that, we covered the essential side of the subjects over the course of a day. Very enjoyable and thanks for organising, well done. Trevor.
  12. Trevsked

    PMC Theory day.


  13. Trevsked

    PMC Theory day.


    See you there 👍 Trevor.
  14. Trevsked

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    I'd guess not as there is no float bowl on the carb as it's effectively pumped therefore no residual to flood the motor. Trevor.