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  1. Correct. Trevor.
  2. Second option, pull to the compression then release and give it a decent pull. Trevor.
  3. Trevsked

    Sub 70 kg "nanolight"

    I really like these and the Eurofly Snake. Great that you don’t need a hangar too. Trevor.
  4. Trevsked

    Paramotor Club Theory day

    Echo that, we covered the essential side of the subjects over the course of a day. Very enjoyable and thanks for organising, well done. Trevor.
  5. Trevsked

    PMC Theory day.


  6. Trevsked

    PMC Theory day.


    See you there 👍 Trevor.
  7. Trevsked

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    I'd guess not as there is no float bowl on the carb as it's effectively pumped therefore no residual to flood the motor. Trevor.
  8. Trevsked

    Stolen paramotor and wing

    That's bad news and all I'm hearing about is thefts lately. Good reminder to secure everything. Sorry to hear and will keep my eye out. Trevor.
  9. Trevsked

    Sol Paramotors

    Perfect thank you Andy. I Googled it and came up with that company but all the links weren’t working earlier so perhaps I just picked a moment when the site was down. Trevor.
  10. Trevsked

    Sol Paramotors

    I like the look of the Sol Paramotor cover, does anyone know if there is a UK importer/dealer? Trevor.
  11. Trevsked

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    Saw you at the fly in and was amazed how well it fitted.
  12. Trevsked

    RunwayHD, which one?

    Quite a reasonable amount of choice it seems, I’ll take a look, thanks. Trevor.
  13. Trevsked

    RunwayHD, which one?

    I thought Flyskyhigh didn’t work in the UK, I’ll check. I did have a look at Skydemon and downloaded the trial version and seemed reasonably easy to operate and extract the info I think I’ll need. Thanks for all the tips. Trevor.
  14. Trevsked

    RunwayHD, which one?

    Thanks both, I’ll take a look at Skydemon. Trevor.
  15. I think I’d like to download this and cost isn’t as much the issue as choosing the right one. On their website there is a large choice of downloads for North/South/500k/250k/National/Maps 1-4 etc. I’m thinking National in case I go elsewhere and 250k but of course that’s the £149 option. What do I actually need as I’d like something that has easily accessed air space info and is updated constantly? I may also fly a Microlight in the next 12 months so keeping that in mind too. Trevor.