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  1. hey Vince, great solution in the suitcase! When you check it in, do you declare it as an engine or just say nothing?
  2. no, sorry, he is a regular guy who flies normal If u want acro wing then WRC will probably not be exciting enough for you
  3. thanks. My latest paramotor is a skymax with atom 80, I am 88kg & after 2 mosters & a nitro this is my fave thus far. 19kg & low noise/vibration makes flying a joy
  4. a mate of mine has 2 & loves them, very solid wing, just check its been looked after as they are getting a little old now
  5. what does a pap frame weigh? Is the frame all stainless? I looked on the website but couldnt see any weight declared
  6. does it flip the same way every time? If so, then favour the A riser on one side, eg if it flips left wingtip over to the right (as you are facing it), then try just using the right A & let the left A just find its own way up, you need a delay on the left side to stop the left side overtaking & flipping
  7. so you are talking about reverse launching? In stronger winds (ie enough wind that the wing will easily stay overhead), try the cobra technique . My hadron used to do the flip every time when I tried to launch the usual way, but just using one A to launch stops that behaviour every time. If the wind isnt strong enough for the cobra, do the normal straight launch with both A's but be ready with a finger on the brake line to check the spin (mine always spins to the right so my left hand pinky is ready on the brakeline on left side to arrest that). The cobra is a great technique to try, best with a kiting harness at the park, or at a beach if possible
  8. I am 88kg naked & love the atom 80, works great even on my smallest wing hadron xx 20m, on a skymax expedition frame it comes in at 19kg empty. I also have a moster plus, which comes in at 25kg on a starmax, lately I have preferred the atom as its so light & quiet
  9. I am about 88kg & fly with atom 80, its an awesome engine & OK with nucleon xx 26 & hadron xx 20. Have to run a few more steps sometimes compared to my moster, but thats forgotten when in the air. Its so quiet/smooth/light, loving this engine. 19kg empty on a starmax expedition frame. nearly 50 hrs thus far & loving it
  10. 'hybrid' is used in a lot of different contexts, I understand the apco hybrid means a merge of single & double skins, which is a 1st I believe. The vista is a great wing, but not a 'hybrid' in the same context of this wing. I hope apco develop a faster reflex wing with this same design. Glad the vista is working well for you!
  11. I hear you, I am 62 & like an easy run on a nil wind day If I cant reverse my dudek wings I reach for the hybrid. Today is a lovely 12-15 knots seabreeze on Bribie Island so I will probably reach for the hadron
  12. I also own hadronxx/nucleonxx & have flown gin falcon & a few more, hybrid is my choice on nil/light wind days, it would be perfect for low hour pilots too, very hard to fail a launch, the light weight is amazing. Its very stable & reassuring, but also fun to fly. I hope they make a faster wing with this technology
  13. yeah, ad is spot on for this one
  14. I have one, its brilliant. Its definitely the easiest wing I have used for launching, I use it in nil & light wind, its not the fastest wing around, but for an easy comfy ride its great, very stable & you can chuck it around & it self stabilises better than any wing I have flown, due to exposed ribs at back of the wing. Great for free flying also
  15. its a very arrogant business model, basically treating your customers with contempt. I was very interested in one a few years back, very glad I didnt go ahead with it. With vitto, there are so many dealers & their warranty/service is second to none, parts everywhere. In this game there is always something breaking or needing replacing, & if you cant get the parts the paramotor is junk, & you have missed so many flying opportunities while waiting. Stay away from bailey unless you live next door to them, or can manufacture your own parts
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