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  1. I know a few guys with nitros, most seem to have had major issues with cylinder linings/pistons, or exhausts. And the only tornado I know did a crankshaft at 50 hrs. Thats probably why things are quiet, same same aviator USA experience?
  2. I went from a moster to a nitro a few years back, then sold the nitro after 50 hrs & went back to moster, now I am an atom80 fan. Build quality is far superior on a vitto
  3. so do you mean you accidently hit another engine kill switch? (as opposed to normal thumb switch on throttle)
  4. usually slowest trims, but trimmer range is so small it doesnt make much difference
  5. no https://www.footflyer.com/powered-paragliders-from-the-past-paramotor-history/
  6. I had approx 15 degrees castor, with normal footpegs, so fully steerable but the castoring rake allows self correction as well, best of both worlds
  7. the atom 80 exhaust seems to work very well, similar design to skymax moster exhaust
  8. and the very last step when the excessive weight makes your knees buckle beneath you.....
  9. dont go for an old wing, unless thats all u can afford. Revo2 wing is very dated now, I had one years back & offloaded it asap...My 63 year old legs love my apco hybrid for easy forward launches & slow landings, but its not a fast wing, great for just cruising around in light wind. I believe the dudek V king is excellent too, the light weight makes it virtually impossible to blow a launch. Where I can reverse kite I use my dudek nucleon XX
  10. I have had 2 mosters, 1 nitro & 1 atom 80. The atom 80 is by far the best in the vibration/noise/weight department, but obviously not in power. I am 88kg & its adequate for me, even on a hadronxx 20m. I like the atom so much I sold my spare moster & ordered another atom (as a spare as I fly close to 200 hrs/year & dont like to have downtime). My empty weight on a skymax expedition frame is under 20kg
  11. that was normal behaviour on my moster, which had no impact/timing issues, so if its running normal I would just fly it before you take something apart that you dont really need to
  12. if u go with the chameleon buy 2 as u will need a backup, they are very flimsy & I have seen many guys on the field with broken throttles that ruin their day
  13. given that choice I would go with the atom 80
  14. it would probably fly like a dog.... 'are you feeling lucky punk?' Personally I would use it just for kiting, if you can master it you will probably find modern wings a breeze
  15. I had almost same thing, it turned out to be a blocked intake filter on the 'clunk' fuel pickup inside the fuel tank, it was letting enough fuel through for starting/warmup etc but as soon as I went for full power on takeoff it totally shut down, drove me nuts trying to trouble shoot.
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