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  1. I am about 88kg & fly with atom 80, its an awesome engine & OK with nucleon xx 26 & hadron xx 20. Have to run a few more steps sometimes compared to my moster, but thats forgotten when in the air. Its so quiet/smooth/light, loving this engine. 19kg empty on a starmax expedition frame. nearly 50 hrs thus far & loving it
  2. 'hybrid' is used in a lot of different contexts, I understand the apco hybrid means a merge of single & double skins, which is a 1st I believe. The vista is a great wing, but not a 'hybrid' in the same context of this wing. I hope apco develop a faster reflex wing with this same design. Glad the vista is working well for you!
  3. I hear you, I am 62 & like an easy run on a nil wind day If I cant reverse my dudek wings I reach for the hybrid. Today is a lovely 12-15 knots seabreeze on Bribie Island so I will probably reach for the hadron
  4. I also own hadronxx/nucleonxx & have flown gin falcon & a few more, hybrid is my choice on nil/light wind days, it would be perfect for low hour pilots too, very hard to fail a launch, the light weight is amazing. Its very stable & reassuring, but also fun to fly. I hope they make a faster wing with this technology
  5. yeah, ad is spot on for this one
  6. I have one, its brilliant. Its definitely the easiest wing I have used for launching, I use it in nil & light wind, its not the fastest wing around, but for an easy comfy ride its great, very stable & you can chuck it around & it self stabilises better than any wing I have flown, due to exposed ribs at back of the wing. Great for free flying also
  7. its a very arrogant business model, basically treating your customers with contempt. I was very interested in one a few years back, very glad I didnt go ahead with it. With vitto, there are so many dealers & their warranty/service is second to none, parts everywhere. In this game there is always something breaking or needing replacing, & if you cant get the parts the paramotor is junk, & you have missed so many flying opportunities while waiting. Stay away from bailey unless you live next door to them, or can manufacture your own parts
  8. I would agree with the thor 250 & tornado, but nitro 200 is very marginal. What about the moster 185 that is at least 25% more power than the nitro?
  9. this is very entertaining, cant make this sort of stuff up (or are we...) ?
  10. I imported a brand new AC to Thailand a few years back, no import duty. I believe they are exempt, but the customs officers etc seem to make up the rules as they go along sometimes from what I have heard, you will 'probably' be fine as its used equipment
  11. yeah, I often lay mine on its back when transporting, I leave the prop on & made a little cradle to support it. No issues with fuel smell or leakage
  12. I have a skymax star, the tank is excellent & seems very tough. Re the torque compensation system, correct that most paramotors use it, but the skymax solution is unique in that you can adjust the lateral offset by sliding the rear bar from side to side (as per foto in post above). I have not seen any other frame with that feature, most are a fixed offset. skymax system allows fine tuning for each person/wing
  13. I have replaced a few lines lately on 2 different wings, only ever replaced the damaged lines & no issues at all, just check the new line is within a few mm of the opposite number as occasionally the manufacturers stuff up the line lengths
  14. well done! Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing the outcome & availability.
  15. hi Andy, I have a sena 20s I have used for about 2 years, has bluetooth connection to phone, uhf & vhf radios. Works great (tufftalk is same sena system, but is a neater physical setup). Often I get a phone call while flying & caller doesn't know I am flying
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