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  1. To get any to of my messages ,sign in, etc I change from mobile to desktop version on my phone.
  2. Casey, We became dealers for the Paracell a year ago We are just about to order a couple for a TV show I am working on in the future. SW Simon, send me details Casey
  3. I had a bigger prop once, slipped on takeoff and broke it, this one I have not yet manage to brake, even with a few crash landings
  4. Hi Alan This is my jpx330 on a zenith frame, been at PMC fly ins a few times, heavy but reliable and cool.
  5. Steelmesh I would use the propellor hub/pully assembly , use a brushless motor, redesign it and cut grooves on the outside of the motor to run the drive belt over it - use the motor body as my redrive pully. These motors work very well as generators, that is how motorbike alternators are design (3 phases with a 3phase rectifier to get it to DC) That makes it very compact. I was looking into building an electric paramotor and gave up after calculated that I need at least 287 lithium 18650 cells to get to at least 30min of flight time, and make it reliable.
  6. The best way to approach this would be to get a small paramotor engine (belt driven with clutch) and convert the propeller drive pully to a brushless electric motor then you could then run this as a hybrid , you could use that motor as a 3phase generator, for charging when you run the engine ( charging would have to be closely controlled or you would overload the engine). When the engine is stationery, the centrifugal clutch would disconnect and you could use the motor or you would be able to to use them together as well. There would be quite a bit of electronic's and separate contro
  7. I have been wearing hanwags, I am a size 8 but have to buy them in size 9. When they are new they are so stiff that I have to undo them to drive. I walk through my soles after 3 years of everyday use. The best investment I have made, saved my ankles on many hard landings. I love them
  8. Hi, checked the values My cht and egt uses the same thermal unit, you could swap them around and they still work perfect 27 degree's Egt : 4.42 ohm Cht : 4.42 ohm 100 degree's Egt :4.58
  9. I have no idea what the resistance is, will see if I can get hold of a meter to check it.
  10. I have not seen the O2 work on the 200 but suspect they put it there to get out of the flame path. When I got it I was told that they had only 1 hotspot after tuning it. It was running grey on the spark plug. I fitted a FLY HENRY unit, egt sensor in the bung and it gave me the exact same spot, it is very sensitive, you can actually see the exact start of the leaning out and as you add throttle you can see where it stops.
  11. This is where I got it fitted on my eos. I have a Polini thor 200 with an o2 sensor bung and it was fitted at he bend around 200-250mm from the engine, I fitted an temp sensor and it work very well there.
  12. Thank Scott Spoke to Robert
  13. I have one of the first generation eos150's. My temp running is between 228-234 degrees under the spark plug, 545 degrees exhaust temperature. I have to be carefully on the throttle or my cylinder head climb to over 250 degrees very easy while my egt stays fairly stable. Spark plug is light black I use around 6 liter an hour trims out. (roadsters 26)
  14. Need some advice : I have one of the first generation eos motors Who keeps eos150 parts in stock , need a new pullstart, mine stop working (catching) over the weekend.
  15. I took it out last year around September. I contacted the PMC insurers and they told me that it did not cover Spain. I am now covered for South Africa as well. Have a full SAHPA licence witch covers me third party as well When I got my new wing, I told them and they added it. It also covers me free flying that wing : (£5) document change cost
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