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  1. Is what Ian said still valid? Therefore I can pay my £75 for "UK Aeronautical Station (Recreational Aviation)" and then I can use those frequencies, in accordance to CAP 413 (Rule #1 - don't be a bellend) AND *NOT* have to take a Radio course/exam?
  2. Welcome to the madness Rich. I hear you. I did something similar and work got in the way. But I have been on holiday with the family and ended up watching youtube videos of paramotoring. Good luck and see you at some PMC events at some point
  3. Hello mate. its Danny from Milton Keynes. Been a bit busy trying to get back into the swing of things with work. But would love a fly soon. I will hit you up on chat if you’re up for it Danny
  4. smurff

    Nothing like flying with mates

    I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
  5. Hello Colin We've kited on Woughton Pavillion a few times. Unofficially. They don't seem to mind. However nobody has secured a real take off and landing place in MK yet. Still looking There's two instructors. Clive Mason near Market Harbourough way and there's also Simon Westmore, who runs this site. I went to him. Both a top people and well respected in the sport. Welcome to the madness Danny
  6. I have an old SAmsung and I use my iphone. However, when it gets really cold both shutdown.
  7. Foot dragging @1:59 looked awesome. Great vid mate
  8. Nice video mate. I've been meaning to spend a day doing this myself. I liked the way you talked through it. I too have a Mav and since seeing the accident photos on here not so long ago, I start it on my back now. Pain in the a*se sometimes but just something I have promised myself now. Keep the videos coming
  9. Mostly fly with people however I bought one of those phone cases that have a battery built in just in case. True story, I flew and got lost. Called @admin (Simon W) and he arranged for @Neilzy and his lovely wife to come pick me up.
  10. Cheers yes we did check that. While at the Bore chase, there was a part where two of us idled for a few minutes and it was crystal clear. I guess I should do an update
  11. I use IFTTT for home stuff. Not thought about this. Nice one.
  12. I know of one person who had three flights, bought kit and then sold it. Due to being busy. Me and about 6 others however have been flying at least once a week when the weather permits since April. We have a What'sApp group which goes mad as soon as the weather app even remotely looks good. I think if I only had myself to fly with or I didn't have a field to fly from regularly, I can see the novelty wearing off. However 16 flights in, it still puts a smile on my face everytime
  13. I guess this should be a caption competition Just thought I would put my thoughts about the Sena 10r here because we couldn't find this type of information out and thought it was good to maintain this. Why Bluetooth vs Radio: After all the reading, we decided that Bluetooth headsets gave us Voice Activated rather than Push to Talk (PTT). Personally I am on the fence with this because I have flown with PTT while learning with @admin (Simon W) and I found having to PTT was a pain. However the 2M (I'm assuming it was, @admin (Simon W) can correct me) was clearer. Why Sena vs
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