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  1. Speedster 2 26m 100 hours still crisp. 2 D steering set up. A few oil splatter stains after a poorly tuned engine during my motor and flying infancy. See pic. For stain example. £1200.
  2. A good resource for polini 130 advice is http://www.southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/thor130/specs130200.htm It has links to various strip downs re builds and testing methods etc. If there's no one local you could trust have a look on their see if there's anything that can help. Heres a few others I've used in the past also http://www.wind-drifter.com/technical/wg8walbro.php http://southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/thor130/thor130.htm http://footflyer.com/fix/motor/carburetor/walbro.htm http://inventions.aerocorsair.com/id35.htm
  3. I could never get a interactive air space over lay to work on PPGPS. So I use EVFR basic now, I find it far better to use for air space info. I still use PPGPS but only for recording flights etc.
  4. Is the campsite available on the Thursday night? Is there flying on the Friday morning? Looking forward to it.
  5. Where can you get training to fly one?
  6. Only if its not in a restricted class of airspace, there's not more than a 1000 people gathered. Or countless other potential violations. But give it a go, I'll read about it in the papers.
  7. There is a very good seminar on youtube by the Derbyshire paragliding club on air law. They specifically mention towns with potential landing spots mainly on the outskirts of towns though, playing fields and cricket grounds etc. and these can be used for the land clear rule flying over a congested areas.
  8. I use an old fall arrest harness as I was appalled at the price of unflyable, done-in, old harnesses folk were selling for kiting. I was even more amazed and astounded folk paid that sort of money for something they couldn't fly with. As long as you can adjust the connection points to simulate a paraglide harness then a 20 to 50 quid worksite harness does the job. Suprised more folk don't use them.
  9. I have my paramotor equipment covered as separate items on my contents insurance as personnel equipment. Its for £6000 form LV. This covers me both home and away.
  10. x-landers come up from time to time on ebay and other second hand selling sights. Its worth keeping an eye out.
  11. I also used my old skydiving alti for a bit, you used to be able to buy them for around £80. A quick search should find them.
  12. I use the PPGPS app and an old Sunto X lander. Perfect combination. I would say though, that 4500 feet is high and unless your an altitude junkie most of the fun had in a PPG is had no where near as high. I'm very rarely above 2000 feet, unless I'm flying over higher ground. I don't see the need to fly at the allowable ceiling. I have a flight deck with a battery pack in it to re charge my phone, but since I've upgraded my phone the battery lasts for at least 2 hours whilst running PPGPS. its Velcroed to the deck and the only time I've had problems reading my display is just before dusk and I'
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bisley-Security-Burglars-Intruders-Galvanized/dp/B0049ACMC6 These are good to stop a burglar in their tracks. Gives them a bit of a fright when their creeping about. Just remember you have them when you try to access your gear.
  14. Its definitely worth doing a hang test and adjusting your harness straps accordingly but there is an attachment you can get which is almost similar to a speed bar but allows you to use it as purchase from your feet so you can get into your paraglider seat. There was an older gentlemen on a flying trip I went to in Spain last year who benefited greatly from fitting one of these.
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