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  1. Hi Stewart give me a call on 07703288324 if youd like to chat about the Bailey. regards rab
  2. I have a Bailey V5s Matrix for sale, a genuine 90.5 hour machine, tacho fitted from new with every flight logged. Regularly serviced around every 15 hours. Mainly used for XC flying. No damage to the machine at all, never been abused or crashed. Adjustable harness to fit all pilots. I have extra parts, spare E-prop, hoop sections and spar, oil filters, spark plugs, and other little bits and pieces. It's currently fitted with a side mounted Gin Yeti lite #40 in the gin container which are not all included in the sale price, but for sale by separate negotiation. Im looking for £3500 for the motor, Please contact for more info. I'll be down at the PMC fly in with the motor if anyone would like to check it over.
  3. Hi Im currently flying a 22m Hadron xx, but would like to try the 20m. So if anyone out there has a 20m Hadron xx, preferably in the fire colour scheme, id be interested in buying it. Thanks.
  4. Hi Nur5ey Sorry, I did have the plan all that time ago, and tried the adapter but it didn't work for me...! I've no longer got the plan or the radio, threw them both away, and bought an Alinco radio that works straight out the box. good luck with the Baofeng...! rab.
  5. I've been trying to get a hold of someone at Bailey to order some spares since last week, no answer on the phone, Emails to Paul Bailey bounce back saying they could not be delivered, and tonight I tried to look at the V5 manual on the Bailey website, but that cannot be found either.... seems like he's not interested in serving customers any longer.
  6. Having trouble adding pics to an advert.... Any ideas why I can't get them to upload...?
  7. I did a week in Spain last year with 4 others, definately something I'd like to do again.
  8. I've done 27 hours since I fitted the extra mount with no problems at all.. Long may that continue. I spoke to both Bruce and John at Bailey about my misfire problem,which I was getting around every 6-7 hours after fitting new rubbers, and they said it was due to the carb rubbers softening up and allowing air leaks. They suggested another carb mount may help but couldn't advise how or where to fit it. So I looked at my motor and came up with what you see in the pic.. I've actually fitted an old carb rubber that used to cause a misfire before I fitted the extra mount and it still runs great with the old rubber..! I still have 3 old rubbers in my spares drawer..
  9. Mmmmm....... I'd be concerned about doing your mod Nige, with all those vibrations and a relatively soft die cast carb bowl with a steel gauze rubbing on it... It'll erode it away eventually. Maybe a piece of silicone rubber tube as a dampner would be better than the steel gauzein your mod....?
  10. Yep, it still has the original mount on the drive mount.. And I fabricated the metal bracket and welded it to the steel side plate on the carb. I shortened the spacers on the engine mounts by the thickness of the aluminium angle so as not to alter the engine thrust angle.
  11. Here's a picture of my mod, seems to work very well...
  12. Hi guys its a reply to Nigel_d. About your carb rubber lasting around 6 hours. My V5 was doing exactly what you described until I made up an extra brace for the carb with another rubber mount, no more carb frothing or miss firing at full power. I can send pics of what my motor looks like now.
  13. I love my V5 too, but at the same time I'm on tender hooks that something else will go wrong with it, and I can't get the after sales service from Bailey, and stuck with a motor I can't use... I was considering buying another Bailey but in light of recent events I'll be looking at other machines. Sad really because I was very content flying a motor with the comfort of having the manufacturer in the UK at the end of a phone for any problems that I might have had... I wish that one of the big Japanese motorcycle manufacturerers made a four stroke paramotor....
  14. I had a valve seat wear out on my V5 and couldn't get in touch with Bailey at all via email or phone, I wanted to buy a new head.... I ended up removing the head and getting a machine shop to replace the valve seat. Mark at at Sussex Paramotors was a great help getting me new gasket from Bailey.. A motorcycle shop could easily repair your motor..
  15. Bailey V5 with a 24 GTX, I weigh 80 kilos. I dont find the Bailey heavy at all, very comfortable machine, and only using around 3 litres per hour.
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