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Baofeng UV-5R adaptor


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Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help here with my radio set-up. I was flying in Canada using an Icom IC-A14 radio onto my Icaro helmet with Peltor Optime II headset. I recently bought a new Baofeng UV-5R radio, and you all guessed it......The lead from my headset doesn't fit the radio! The connector has two pins one 2.5mm and the other 3.5mm, both are stereo type pins, 3 connections on each pin..? The spacing of my lead connector is 10mm, and the spacing on the radio is 12mm... so I bought 2 stereo extension leads to get around the spacing problem, which it did but still didn't work..... so, what I'm asking is, has anyone on here got a wiring diagram so that I can make an adaptor out of the two extension leads to go between my lead and the radio, I want to keep the Icom lead as it is so I can still use it in future. Thanks for any help...and remember, I aint no electronics expert.... but can solder wires and make connections...! :)

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Hi Rabcam..wow talk about resurrection of an old thread, I have the same radio the 5 and can't find a suitable adaptor because of the twin channel ptt I wondered if you still have the adaptor plans ?? cheers in advance but I don't hold a lot of luck haha..

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Hi Nur5ey

Sorry, I did have the plan all that time ago, and tried the adapter but it didn't work for me...!

I've no longer got the plan or the radio, threw them both away, and bought an Alinco radio that works straight out the box.

good luck with the Baofeng...!



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