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Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help here with my radio set-up. I was flying in Canada using an Icom IC-A14 radio onto my Icaro helmet with Peltor Optime II headset. I recently bought a new Baofeng UV-5R radio, and you all guessed it......The lead from my headset doesn't fit the radio! The connector has two pins one 2.5mm and the other 3.5mm, both are stereo type pins, 3 connections on each pin..? The spacing of my lead connector is 10mm, and the spacing on the radio is 12mm... so I bought 2 stereo extension leads to get around the spacing problem, which it did but still didn't work..... so, what I'm asking is, has anyone on here got a wiring diagram so that I can make an adaptor out of the two extension leads to go between my lead and the radio, I want to keep the Icom lead as it is so I can still use it in future. Thanks for any help...and remember, I aint no electronics expert.... but can solder wires and make connections...! :)


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Hi Rabcam,

Check out viewtopic.php?f=45&t=7633&start=0

If you have any trouble give me another shout.

I have worked out a simpler adapter for the UV-4R but not certain it will work with the -5R.

I have the circuit diagram so I will have a look tomorrow.




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