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  1. Maybe that's the way forward Rich.If you have an engine out and can't restart... drop the pole and windsock to check the wind direction before landing
  2. I certainly do. I really struggled to get up yesterday ,but I hadn't flown since February 6th so was determined to get airborne. Pete & I managed about 30mins each. We were both pleased that there were no issues, but then the wind picked up late morning and that was that for us. But we are both chuffed we did it. Pity the wind didn't drop enough for your evening jaunt.Hope to see you soon Chris.
  3. Nice! That went well
  4. Nice one Mike.We began our training about the same time.I remember you working so hard on the field kiting the wing ,and then resetting again, over and over and over, and then progressing onto your powered taxi runs on a trike, first without a wing, and then with a wing. I was exhausted just watching you. Sadly I missed your solo flight, but I can well imagine how big your grin was!. What a great achievement!. Well done you. Regards Nige
  5. Ha! That's great Chris. That's the nearest I've been to flying since the beginning of February!
  6. Yes, me too. I put it in the back seat supported on a thin board (so as not to leave unsightly indentations on the seat),and put the seat belt around the whole lot and an additional strap around the motor and head restraint. The wing and all the other bits and pieces fit in the boot/trunk and spare seats. And it's all kept warm and dry. Sorted!.
  7. Hiya. I use the off road version in the top photo, and I haven't blown up yet. And although it's an initial big hit , it works out cheaper (quite a bit cheaper) if you buy a 4L size. Nige
  8. https://youtu.be/VnRweBYvprw Hi Rich. I watched this vlog the other day and perhaps it's a solution to your throttle cable concern? Cheers Nige
  9. I was only joking Rich! but well done and what a great video!. I'm not sure I would be happy about landing on what looks like a tidal estuary!, but it made great viewing. Nice. Thanks for that.
  10. Great!.. no rush, tomorrow will be fine
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