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  1. Astonishing video of the moon!.. Good luck with your big adventure
  2. I'm still not the slightest bit jealous Julien...
  3. Thanks Andy & Rich Regards Nige
  4. Hi Chris ( and happy new year!) Thanks,I shall make contact with them. Nige
  5. Hi Andy Did they get back to you with an answer to your question? Regards Nige
  6. That looks great!, but I have a few questions though, so can you tell me who supplies them so I can look it up please. Thanks
  7. Maybe that's the way forward Rich.If you have an engine out and can't restart... drop the pole and windsock to check the wind direction before landing
  8. I certainly do. I really struggled to get up yesterday ,but I hadn't flown since February 6th so was determined to get airborne. Pete & I managed about 30mins each. We were both pleased that there were no issues, but then the wind picked up late morning and that was that for us. But we are both chuffed we did it. Pity the wind didn't drop enough for your evening jaunt.Hope to see you soon Chris.
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