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  1. What was the incident mentioned in this month's Skywings? And what were the complaints about?
  2. Shame. I guess the Oudie does count though. But apparently they are going to change the eligibility so that only P rated qualify. In which case, any Ps not going to take it up and would let me get involved?
  3. https://www.caa.co.uk/General-aviation/Aircraft-ownership-and-maintenance/Electronic-Conspicuity-devices/ Can anyone confirm if the XCTracer FLARM qualifies for this?
  4. How much of a pain in the arse is this? I'm waiting for my Parajet Maverick to arrive but is this feasible?
  5. (FWIW, I tried the Chamelion Finger Throttle and don't like it at all).
  6. Training at Airworks, East Sussex. And I have already asked him hence asking here.
  7. Absolutely. Just not having seen or used any of them I have no idea which is which. So even if people want to explotan why they like one or another and what each is like is going to be very useful for me.
  8. Really? So now I'm even more confused. People keep banging on about which fingers is best without actually answering the question about which throttle is which. Are you saying the Vittorazi is a 1st/2nd finger throttle not a 3rd/4th? If so which of my three options is actually 3rd/4th?
  9. Now I'm even more confused. People have told me over and over not to get the Parajet throttle now people are saying it's great. I've asked literally three times which users find preferable out of the Vitto and Polini and why and nobody has been able to even give a basic comparison. It is useful to hear that apparently the Vitto is better than the Polini but potentially less study though so thanks for that. I didn't realise deciding between three throttles would be such a palaver...
  10. Thanks. So I can safely rule out the Parajet one. Is the Vittorazi also 3rd/4th finger? And if so what are the differences between that and the Polini?
  11. Yes and as I keep saying I still have no idea from what you have said which of the three I mentioned are 3rd/4th finger throttles. If I had the opportunity to try the three throttles available I would but I don't hence asking on here...
  12. Okay but there are only three available for the Parajet Atom 80 and I have no idea which is which nor what are the pros and cons of each.
  13. So which of the three would be best for this? Parajet is out. Are you saying the Polini is better than the Vittorazi because of the level length? What about ergonomics? Which has a better kill switch? And I'd prefer no cruise control...
  14. Am about to pull the trigger on a Parajet Atom and was wondering if people can offer opinions on which throttle is better and why. I've read the thread on right vs left but there are three actuel throttle type options: polini, parajet and vittorazi. What are the pros and cons of each?
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