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  1. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/EPjx9tbwgLI
  2. Thanks a lot! I have got the 1st place on the stage and now I am the owner of MotoRallyCup of Ukraine in big enduro class! But my leg is not OK in any meaning. So we have good news! It was first run of 250 cc engine yesterday without exhaust. I was not able to present because of my painful leg but I'll do my best to make video as soon as possible.
  3. There was a lot of work with 250 ccm engine but it is almost finished now. But I can not attach new photo because of 171 kb size restriction. I'll try later to give you more information. I personally have final race of MotoRallyCupUkraine during next three days and then could pay more attention to this topic. Cheers!
  4. My friend have got broken leg when he was landing on paratrike because of invisible concrete part in grass. That is why it was some delay. But everything is OK with small engine. He is just flying around. It was paramotor race once this year because of COVID and we have got 2 place but it is obvious that we need more power. So the next stage is to finish 250 ccm engine.
  5. There are bad news- the leg was broken during landing because of concrete part in the grass. And good news - there is new front end with suspension now! But I can't attach photo... something is wrong.
  6. There is some progress with large engine
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW5zVN4G8mE
  8. Hi everybody! So have good news, it was first fly yesterday. Everything is OK. The trouble with carb was solved with additional fuel pump. Engine is powerful but needs some changes in transmission. So wait for video! Cheers!
  9. First fly short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S07EzjMmos
  10. Sorry we have some delay because of paratrike building. Fortunately the trike has had the first sky time yesterday! Wait for video and for news soon.
  11. Good news! It flyes but engine is a real beast! I think we have to make something to switch off one cylinder in the fly because it is too powerful. Wait for video. It is enough to have the engine just idling to move but 1/2 throttle seems to make possible to turn trike over!
  12. Thanks a lot! The same idea I was talking about.
  13. OK! Yesterday I was trying to find the solution of the carb issues and have found that it has very simple design. Such carburetors like Walbro are intended for use with not modified engines that have RPMs not higher than 6000 preferable less. They have only two metering systems, one for low RPMs and another for high. But this statement is not correct. It means one for lower and another for higher RPMs. So in reality you can adjust this carb on the middle range 4000-4500 RPMs but it will be lean on 7000 RPMs. Or you can tune it on 7000 RPMs but it will be rich on 4000 RPMs. You know the common motorcycle float type carburetor has needle for mid range and main jet for top range and in many cases accelerator pump. Google says the only solution is to use additional low pressure pump but I don't think so. So solution is to add one more jet for high RPM range.
  14. And there is a problem with Walbro carburetor at 4000 rpms. It is so rich that the mixture explodes just inside the chamber! Under 3500 and higher 5000 rpms it's OK.
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