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  1. And some offtopic - new engine for trike has arrived! That's another project.
  2. Hi everybody! Happy holidays! There was noy much time for progress but only belt pulleys were fabricated and starter clutch housing.
  3. I think that idea to divide 150 ccm in two cylinders is not suitable for paramotor application because of huge loss of torque. There was such italian scooter Italjet Dragster (if I'm correct) the only one on the planet with such engine but it was not successful. But the same scooter with Piaggio bigblock engine became a legend. The key is torque. If you need more power you have to use multicylinder engine, the more - the better. But you can receive peak power in small RPMs range somewhere very high. But in case of paramotor you need linear power and torque you can have it only using single cyl
  4. We are not manufacturers of engines and are not going to sell them. I'm MX wrench and my friend is car painter. Moreover I'm afraid of flying and did not fly at all. I have motocross+ countrycross+ enduro+ rally racing I participate to have no time for something else. So the only reason I'm here is just to share our experience. We have such competition here that you have 3 hours to fly from the point as much distance as you can with the landing the same point. So 2020 we took the second place. You see the wing has to be under 20 sq. m to fly fast and ours is 17 sq.m. And the engine must be pow
  5. There is not way to make really powerfull engine with paper-thin parts. Look any MX 280 ccm 2T engine makes 60+ peak HP. This must be much more than 100 kg thrust. For instance Moster 185 has 25 HP and 75 kg thrust. What max thrust does your engine have in kg? Just let's compare KTM SX250 and Honda CR250R. KTM is lighter but it has broken parts all the way, crankcases, mounts, swingarm, rimlocks, spokes and so on. Then you have to change as much as possible parts just to have possibility to finish the race. What's about reliability for example such motorcycle manufacturer as Triumph
  6. Hi all! So what? I can manufacture any part your engine has or replicate it the whole but I don't think the weight itself is the most important feature. The aim is to make more reliable engine with the same weight other common engines on the market have but with the use of highly available parts you can buy on Ebay. For example connecting rod is from 125 MXer that can easily handle 40 HP and the price on Ebay is $60. What's about weight everybody talks how much the engine weights (+/- 2 kg) but nobody wants to talk how much the pilot weights itself (+/- 20kg). So sorry weight is not our pr
  7. #1 something like Moster 185 has but with more HP and 200 ccm. But look we can produce cast crankcases the same weight as any other engine on the market has. But with billet cases it is possible to have the same weight with more strenghth because of stronger material. Or to make them lighter but the same reliability. But I don't like the idea of manual starter at all, only electric starter. And I don't like the power and build quality of those tiny chinese starters used in other engines. We use Piaggio OEM starters (actually japanese Mitsuba) with great success. But it has more weight and star
  8. Honda CR250R. This will be a pilot project to see what kind of power is possible to have from MX engine. So we used just old broken parts like this jug, crankshaft and cases from old MXer. I suppose the use of KTM 360 ccm engine parts could be more suitable or even CR500R or Kawasaki KX500 to have more power. The conclusion will be done after testing. Now I can show you crankcases with waterpump, mainplate, starter, belt pulleys. Enjoy!
  9. Whatis about #1 billet cases. Just imagine that the largest in the world airplane AN-225 factory is only 120 km far from us. And it was time when this enormous size factory has its own MX team. And my buddy was a member of this team so from the very beginning many years ago it was possible to see a lot of amazing things. Now this time is gone but not completely. There is another small factory much closer to us that makes jet engines rebuilds. And these crankcases are made from the solid aircraft grade aluminium alloy at this plant. The thickness of the walls is 5 mm that is needless in many a
  10. Lets make an agreement that first engine is #1, the second one is #2. So what's about displacement. #1 has 180 ccm but I'm going to make stroker crankshaft to exceed 200 ccm more for added torque. #2 has 250 ccm and can be easely reached 290-300 ccm with larger piston.
  11. But this is not the only engine we are working on. We need really powerfull engine with high torque. We are looking to have at least 50 Hp at full gas. Application will depend on the weight that is unknown for now maybe paratrike. But I hope it will be able to fly without wheels. Look at photo this is the cylinder with reed valve, power valve and two Walbro carburetors. Cheers!
  12. Words are useless without photos. You can see Parmakit cylinder, piston, Wiseco connecting rod, V-force reed valve with housing, Walbro carburetor. These parts are available on Ebay including complete crankshaft.
  13. Actually I was not impressed by the quality of common in paramotorgliding engines such as Moster, Polini and so on. I personally have a huge experience in engine rebuilding and I think many engine parts or the way they are manufactured are under the level used in MX engines building. Don't get me wrong some parts are reliable for example Vertex pistons. But in most cases the problems are connected with the wish to make engine as light as possible. So you can see chinese crap quality very small electric starters, cracks in the halfs, broken bolts because of small size, etc. Another problem that
  14. Hi all! I'm from Ukraine the land of Klichko brothers. So sorry for my English. My buddy is fond of paragliding and I'm a mechanic of local MX team. So you guess the only way we have is to build the engine from scratch ourselves. Actually he is experienced paraglider and his first engine was bought from the factory but this was the only one he bought. All others were built. The next one is in process and I'm here with intention to show you this building step-by-step.
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