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  1. So you need matrix and 100000 kg oil pump to make hydroforming pipe. We take two sheets of 0.5 mm steel and weld them carefully together then pump them with oil inside the matrix. This is the photo of the first attempts.
  2. Next step is expansion chamber. Everybody knows to make good power it is necessary to have 1/2-valve design and do not use mild steel. We decided to use temperature resistent stainless steel and hydroforming process. It was some period of tests and now we have obvious sucess. Wait some days and I'll show you photos.
  3. The rollers have to be done with proper accuracy and after the binding the ends of tube (20 cm) are junk.
  4. Sorry it's too late! My buddy gave it back to the metal workshop. But I can tell you it is very simple and consists just of three rollers and motor that drags the tube. Your task is to move the middle roller with the screw during the process. And the tube is of 52 mm diameter and 1 mm thickness (I was wrong about 1.5 mm).
  5. Yes this is stainless tube with thickness of wall approximately 1.5 mm. This is not a huge task to roll the tubes ourselves and we have DIY hand tool I'll show you soon.
  6. Yes that's it! Actually the tubes are paper thin but of large diameter. But the is a problem they react on welding so much we have to correct geometry every time after welding.
  7. And here you can see the common weight measuring of Ukrainian Airlines pilots before flight on Boeing.
  8. We have DIY tool and accordingly DIY propeller 2m diameter guards now. Were trying to use it like hulahoop but not successfully. And there is front wheel with brakes and suspension (the half of Mercedes Sprinter front spring). As for me I'd rather use hydraulic motorcycle brakes but the customer insisted on bikes brakes personally I think are useless at all to deal with such weight.
  9. I have only some photos at this moment and you can see the weight without exhaust.
  10. So we have obvious success with the engine. It exceeded our expectations and shows approximately 90 kg of thrust but this can be brave statement. May be less and we need to fabricate new stand for accurate measuring. The engine needs new pipe and some flying hours to eliminate all bugs. Look for updates I'll make new photos soon.
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