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  1. Hi I spotted a wing (the first one ive seen( fly over Shelwick/Munstone Hereford yesterday
  2. Hi All just getting into the sport and joined the forum today. Have a machine and keen to fly based in Hereford
  3. Hi All I am new to this site and the sport in general. I completed my APPI Club Pilot 2 years ago in Cyprus and have returned there twice since to free fly but the sight is limited. I have purchased a second hand HE R120 which is in good condition the engine runs very smoothly etc and all harness and fittings appear well kept and looked after. I am keen to get flying with this machine this year and would very much welcome any support from anyone in Herefordshire or bordering counties with flying sites, meets etc. I have been meaning to pull my finger out and get on with it for a while so this year is the year. Look forward to any contacts. Regards Beamers
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