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  1. i used to use Runway HD and paid for the UK maps... I then trials Skydemon - they have a monthly plan that's quite compelling. But i now use Garmin Pilot. Once you program your paramotor in there (as a light aircraft but with details for paramotor and wing) it works really well. I planned a flight up the servern yesterday and it was pretty accurate on weather and fuel consumption. Worth a go on the trial before biting any bullet - same with Skydemon.
  2. Any news on this? Has anyone given it a go? I hear they have a Moster-friendly version in the works...
  3. Thanks for your help... all sorted now. Prop bought direct so understandable.
  4. Wondering if the Flymaster M1 is a good investment (cost aside). i have a Flymaster, Maverick Moster 185. Does anyone use this device on here? Does the fuel sensor work well? Does it replace a ‘mirror’?
  5. I've got a Moster 185 plus that came factory fitted with the Helix prop from Parajet. I've just bought an E-prop and found that the Prop Bolts are too short for the new E-prop. Current bolts (x6) are 50mm - think i need 60 or 65mm. Can anyone advise and then point me to somewhere i can buy some from? Ideally - so i get them before Friday (as it's forecast to be flyable by then). Thanks and hope you can help?
  6. Hi Ken, i've sent you a text on the number provided here... Hopefully speak soon.
  7. Any update @custom-vince on the machine? Seen you post on FB so eager to learn more: approx price (I think you mentioned £6.6k) options eg clutch etc
  8. I use the Sena 30K. The mesh connection works great... it works by bouncing signal from one person to the next... it’s got a person to person range of 1.2km - so if there are 3 of you that’s 2.4km and if there are 5 of you, that’s 4.8k. You can also use Bluetooth as well... its a fiddly thing to install nice but I think it’s worth it... I’ve got a remote for it that sits on my reserve on my lap so I have all controls nice and convenient.
  9. Is there a perfect camera for sharing our flights? If the camera more important than the software? What makes an interesting video to other people? Well i certainly don't aim to answer the questions - but i did want to share a camera and software workflow that i believe is a game changer for us pilots... The Go Pro Fusion - This is a 5.2k camera that captures complete 360 view It's waterproof (to a point) Has excellent stabilization But more importantly - allows you to turn it on, forget about it and then choose what to focus the video on after the flight.
  10. Nice video. Well edited. How are you finding the Scout frame?
  11. Rather than bore you with text... i thought i'd make a little video of my flight Got some cool data visualisation stuff on it so you might wanna watch it to take a look at that for your own videos. **Full disclosure** - i did sh*t myself a little and turn back when the thermals kicked in! Felt like I was on an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin!!! Membury_Fly_with_some_cool_Data_:).mp4 Did this inspire you? www.paramotortraining.com would be a good place to start your journey.
  12. It’s been 5 weeks since i had my first lesson in Paramotoring. Since then there have been a few variables that have led to such a long absence from the airfield: Weather Family life Work Other hobbies The main cause out has been the weather. I have a bit of a better understanding of the weather requirements now so now i look for a good wind - Average of <10mph and gusts under 15mph. That’s about my limit. The night of my 1st session, i ordered what has now become a bible and regular bedtime read - ‘Paramotoring from the gr
  13. @admin (Simon W) How are you fixed for a lesson on Saturday?
  14. Got the book you recommended.... thanks for that... it's really really good. Can't put it down!!!! ha
  15. tatumdale

    The start

    Nice blog... where are you based? I'm new and due a 2nd lesson with Simon at Membury.... Saturday is looking like 15kmph (about 9mph) winds so i reckon if Simon isgood for it - it could be a good day to to get to the next stage
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