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Cameras and software - capture the experience


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Is there a perfect camera for sharing our flights?  If the camera more important than the software? What makes an interesting video to other people? 

Well i certainly don't aim to answer the questions - but i did want to share a camera and software workflow that i believe is a game changer for us pilots...

The Go Pro Fusion

This is a 5.2k camera that captures complete 360 view

It's waterproof (to a point)

Has excellent stabilization

But more importantly - allows you to turn it on, forget about it and then choose what to focus the video on after the flight. 


So what does 5.2k matter? 

well if you're capturing 360 degree views, when you want to focus on one view you have to imagine your in a box and each side of the box is a TV screen that needs to be HD. 

I won't bore with the technical calculations, but 5.2k allows you to do that.

It also means the combination of high resolution at capture,  360 view and the accelerometer data it holds will give you some pretty good software driven stabilization.


Do i needs a high end PC/Laptop?

No - you can use your phone - the Go Pro app is pretty good for beginners. 

When will i need a high end PC/Laptop?

If you want to do an edit like mine (linked at the bottom) - you'll want a good laptop to speed things up. 

Take a look at my video and know that i literally pressed record, left it and then worried about it when i edited it. 

Click here to see the video



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