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  1. Has anyone got or flown a force II? It seems a good wing. I'm looking for any reviews from people who have flown them as there doesn't seem to be much info on the net. Thanks
  2. Yep i had a quick go. I currently fly a speedster 1 28 I'm 100kg. Overall i would say not a huge difference from the original. I flew a 26 speedster 2 . The wing is a lot lighter in weight and seems to launch a lot easier, maybe the smaller size and weight helps Climb rate seems better considering it is a smaller wing. . In flight felt a little more responsive shorter brake travel although still quite heavy, tip steer about the same as before, so very good. . Speed didn't seem any different I did a back to back with gps, very similar. I didn't try with bar though. The wing seems more stable being less sensitive to gusts. probably an effect of the shark nose. Overall an improvement but not a massive step forward. Would I change from the original speeder? No. ( If money was no object then yes sure.) for me its doesn't feel that much different to fly. Its a lovely wing like the first speedster. As a step up from a beginner wing then yes it would make a good choice to buy. If you are thinking of changing from a speedster 1 don't bother. N.b It was only a quick flight 20 mins or so. I would say I'm some where between beginner and intermediate pilot( still lots to learn) . So the review is my view and not an expert review. Hope this helps.
  3. HI, I bought a Moster from these guys, 22.4kg with 70kg thrust These paramotors are really nicely made, they are more or less a tweaked version of a miniplane. I would definitely recommend one. I have bought spares and had lots of helpful advice from these guys no problems at all and postage is pretty quick, normally around a week from France. Don't let it put you off because they are in France. Regards Gary
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