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  1. until

    It might be a long way to travel for some; But it will likely be the best flying you have ever done, in a spectacular location and well worth the journey.
  2. These were grease filled. My newest one is oil filled but unsure what type of Oil it is. Ive only done a few hours on it as its my spare motor. However not leaked any oil yet which is a first for H&E reduction boxes. When you find out which oil it is, and the volume can you let me know. Probably standard hypoid gear Oil. There appears to be an overflow screw which may be the level to fill it to??? Im not sure. Could try emailing them ventas@heparamotores.com
  3. Interestingly this years fly in is 120 miles down wind of Dan Bs near Dartmoor. Looking at the Notam this is the field (attached). Google Earth makes it 51,29,629 N 1,19,587 W If not this field somewhere very close. Regards. Whitters.
  4. Just found this thread for the first time. Perhaps I should put pen to paper while the wind is still blowing. Whitters.
  5. Hi Bidochon. Early in my Paramotor career I had been flying with a large reserve that I had taken from a powered paraglider trike. It was a Metamorfosi conar 20. It was a large heavy bulk of a reserve weighing 5kg. In 2006 I entered a competition in France called Le-Raid which is a race across France. I spent time with the Belgian Paramotor team, none of which at that time carried reserves. Coming back from France I was seriously debating not flying with a reserve as I felt that by flying conservatively and safely I would avoid the need for a reserve. I was probably 1 or 2 flights aw
  6. Hi. Last year I bought a Flymaster SD+. I wanted free airspace updates with a GPS vario with all the usual bits. And also a unit that doesn't need daily battery charge, one that I could use for a week of daily flying without worrying about the battery. It has both moving map and airspace map. The Flymaster units are very user configurable and updatable. The down side is that the moving map isn't brilliant and nor is it interactive. For example you can't set a waypoint on it and fly to it yet. But Im sure they will sort that out in future firmware upgrades. When I bought it it didn't
  7. Fresh Breeze still stock parts for 210 as they used that motor for years. You can also get the power upgrade, bigger head and power exhaust which takes the 210 from 15hp to 18hp. Dan Burton is the uk dealer for FB. Just google Fresh Breeze UK. Actually here you go, I won't be lazy. The pull starter is listed here in spare parts for solo http://www.fresh-breeze.de/en/spare-parts/solo.html Regards.
  8. Hi Rob. ive just checked the manuals and it's not listed. Baileys are normally very clean motors. Perhaps a dodgy gasket. Email and ask them. Regards. whitters.
  9. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a Fly Products 16L Fuel tank from in the UK. I can order direct online but I would rather use a UK dealer. Its for an old H&E R120. My tank is leaking from the bolt connectors due to vibration I guess. Its about 10 years old and has done a few hours. I don't think epoxy will hold for long so I may as well bite the bullet and buy a new one. Regards. Whitters.
  10. Hi. I met him last year. He is a really nice guy. I really like him. And so would you if you met him. He flies into Glastonbury every year and has done for many years. He knows the organisers and has worked at the event for years. He is an eccentric gent that does have an urge to shun authority. That is the way he conducts his affairs in everyday life. He is an interesting character. Did he get permission to fly into the event NO. Naughty boy. Has he ever. NO. Naughty boy. Was anybody upset. (see vid) Only the armchair experts at home. oh and the CAA cos someone made a fuss. Was anyo
  11. Hi cas. The H&E is a motor from early in my PPG life. The first few reduction boxes were replaced under warranty thanks to Pete Searl. I've only bought one and had one refurbished which are the two in the phot, this was in 2009. The new one broke at the casing as seen in the phot, the refurbished one was the original and the best of the bunch achieving over 100 hours which is why I had it refurbished. It's just a spare these days as I have a Bailey and a Fresh Breeze Sportix. The motor is good and had new piston rings and exhaust less than 100 hours ago which is why I've kept it. I've
  12. Just wasted 30 min of my life learning how to reduce size of a photo on my iPad. Mailed it to myself reduced size in mail options.
  13. Hi. Does anyone know if H&E have sorted out the problems with their reduction gearbox units yet? I've had many (5 or 6) over the years, Paid to have one refurbished at not much cheaper than to buy new, this lasted about 25 hours. Last summer my latest gave up. They always leak grease but this was chucking all the grease out and making crunching noises in flight. I tried to make one unit from two but on dismantling they were completely different. See phot. Tried to load phot but said too big. Whitters.
  14. Hi Bobby. I've had a V5 for the past 18 months or so. I've done 130 hours on mine. I can't comment on customer care because I haven't needed it. This motor has been the most reliable machine by far that I have owned, and I have owned many. I still have a Fresh Breeze Sportix Simonini engine and a H&E 120. I have no financial interest in motors and am non bias. When my V5 arrived I was pleased with the weight and power. Slightly heavier than my 120 but more power. I have taken off from smaller areas like car parks, grass verges, country roads etc with the V5 because it feels small and li
  15. Many of us are like you with a keen interest on going places. I started free flying in the 1980s. Did a few epic flights here in Cornwall coast to coast and all but mostly bombed out in the middle of nowhere spending the rest of the flyable day trying to get back to my car. Hence the motor. First a Solo 210 on a solar wings Typhoon hanglider. Then reflex wings came about and I got into Paramotoring. I got more airtime in my first 2 years Paramotoring than I ever did in over 15 years free flying. Paramotoring is quicker than free flying. About 24 to 34 mph airspeed depending on the wing. Th
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