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  1. Nice one looking forward to it all ready
  2. I have the same set up on mine But I do have 2 D shackles coming from the nylon loop to the holes on the swing arm and I do believe the nylon will hold a ton plus
  3. Hi Dave Think I might get some smaller ratchet straps and maybe a bungee net
  4. Hi Dave the roadster 2 is a Very good free fly wing as well as a power wing and the more round tangling do the better you’ll become I live in Blackpool and I fly a speedster and if you need some help I’ll be happy to Let me know and we can meet up ian
  5. Hi scotty my mate said he be happy to teach you if you’d like to give me a ring his number is 07974263928 Name Dave
  6. Ok I’ll try to get hold of him and Ask if he’s free get back to you ASAP
  7. A mate of mine is a paramotor instructor live Manchester I can have a word and see if he’s free if you like
  8. Tunny


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