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  1. Dave Stuart Walsh

    In air comms

    I've just had dealings with a local microlight club, as they had originally said I could use their site for my paramotor. Unfortunately, one of their few users is very insistent that anyone flying from there has a radio to talk to microlight pilots prior to take off and landing, but also to notify the nearby military ATC of intentions. A good friend of mine supplies and maintains radios and comms for the local air cadets, as well as being a qualified pilot, and he's tried to find a cheap enough handheld to do both jobs, but can't find anything less than £250, plus another wad for a decent noise-cancelling headset/mic, due to all manufacturers raising their prices because of the new international regulations regarding frequencies. Luckily, I have another microlight club nearby, and they don't want or need radios, so I can fly from there.
  2. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Parajet Falco Trike

    Having chatted to Danny Kettle at PAP UK, we have come up with a plan. He's going to transfer my Thor 190 motor into a very low hours PAP chassis, with a new PAP Harness and reserve holder, supply one of his own build trikes to fit, and then I can sell the V3 Chassis with it's Dudek harness and empty reserve holder. I really like the Thor 190, and the electric start is brilliant, so I'm really pleased that is being retained. If anyone is interested in the V3 (supplied new in August 2016), I will be looking for £1600, and it will be available in about 2 weeks time. It has lime green swing arms. It has a few marks to the outer parts of the cage, but is in great condition otherwise, and the Dudek harness is L/XL, with little sign of wear. I will post pictures once it is stripped out.
  3. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Parajet Falco Trike

    Thanks guys, will do.
  4. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Parajet Falco Trike

    Have you any more news on the sub-70Kg Falco. I've just found out that a trike builder, who was going to make me a custom trike for my V3, has decided he's not happy to modify his design, or my frame, for safety reasons, which I respect his honesty for. As my back is still recovering from my training course in Spain over 3 weeks ago, I realise that a trike is the only real option, but I want to stay legal, so the standard Falco is not under consideration. I tried a number of 'lighter' motor option on my course, but they aren't that much lighter that would make any difference. I'll be really miffed if I have to replace my V3 with another unit, so a lighter Falco would be great!"
  5. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Tie-down point?

    Thanks for that Hamishdylan, and to all the other suggestions. I totally agree that metal to metal contact should be avoided, and you're idea of the paracord loops around the engine mounts is spot on. Your suggestion of stopping to check the straps is a given, as I once saw my mate lose his jetski through the straps coming loose after only a few miles. That was down to poor quality ratchet straps, but could have been avoided if he'd stopped to check. Regards, and thanks. Dave.
  6. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Ground Handling (AGAIN!)

    Hi Ian. I didn't see your reply until now. It would be great to meet and have a chat. I'm in Chorley, and I'm already in contact with a nice guy from Southport, so it would be great to meet another northwest flyer too! I've bought a cheap ground handling wing and harness to save the Roadster from damage, but haven't had much chance to try it yet, as the winds have been wicked recently, as you know! I'm on 07970 625008, if you want to call or text. Cheers. Dave.
  7. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Tie-down point?

    No room!
  8. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Tie-down point?

    Hi all. I'm getting my Thule towbar mounted carrier ready to carry my Parajet V3. The only thing left is to mount the stainless steel eyebolts, but the position is dependent on where is best/safest to attach the ratchet straps. I think the upper engine mount bolts (middle pic) look like the best and strongest option, but the other option is shown in the first pic, although I don't think that is suitable myself. Has anyone else got any better ideas as to how to tiedown the V3 in an upright position, please? I'm travelling from Santander to Cadiz and back (900Km each way), so want it safe and secure!
  9. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Ground Handling (AGAIN!)

    Ok. So, I've had 3, 4 hour PG sessions with a BHPA instructor, and learned the basics of ground handling, with both forward and reverse launches (as he knows I aim to Parmotor), and I've done a couple of low level flights, including left and right turns. Although I'm hoping to have more sessions with him in the next few weeks, and hopefully achieve my basic PG qualification, whenever I've been free to travel the 2+ hours to his school (ie a full day off work), the wind has been too strong. I'm booked on a 1-1 PG and PPG course with FlySpain in late April, and I really want to arrive there with some pretty decent PG skills, so we can get onto the PPG part of the course as soon as SAFELY possible. I have no desire whatsoever to paraglide, once paramotor qualified, by the way! I've just taken delivery of a brand new custom colours, 28m Roadster2 (thanks' to Mrs. Christmas, or 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'), and bought a 3 point safety harness from Screwfix, so I can do some ground handling practice on a local field that I plan to fly from, once qualified. My first question may be pretty stupid, but I'm wondering if it's a good idea to connect to my wing as if it's a power kite (ie. Looking at it, whilst getting a feel for the lines and control of the thing), or should I always treat it like what it is, and connect to it as if I'm going to fly it (which, of course, I'm not!)? My second question is simple. Will any of this help me for my Fly Spain course, or am I just going to mash my beautiful new wing? I've also got a 12 hours old Parajet V3, with Thor 190 ES ready to fly, but I'm not stupid enough to even contemplate giving it a try, without proper training (I must have finally grown up, and turned into my dad!). Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated, and anyone in the Preston/Leyland area who would like to give me some help will be very welcome!
  10. Dave Stuart Walsh

    Polini Thor 200 rough running at 5000rpm

    Could there be any carbon build up in the exhaust. This sounds like a problem I had with an outboard years ago. Took off the powerhead and the exhaust size was reduced by 50% by carbon. Did exactly what you describe. Reason was previous owner running on cheap oil.
  11. Hope so, Alan. I know the advice is, "Don't buy gear until you know what you want", and it's great advice too, I'm sure. However, I know what I want, so I've bought it so I can train on it, which seems a logical way to go, and I know from my paragliding lessons that I'm going to love the sport. Can't wait to get to Spain now!
  12. Hi Jim. I'm in Clayton le Woods, so probably near to you. I'm doing a week long 1-1 course with FlySpain next April, and combining it with MotoGP in Jerez at the end of the course week. I've had a couple of days paragliding with Paul from Parapente in Derbyshire, and really like his teaching style (I'm an advanced grade driving instructor, so am very critical of bad teaching in any discipline). My plan is to have my basic BHPA paragliding qualification before I get to Spain, so I can get most of the course week done with a motor on my back! The biggest problem I'm finding is getting to a day off, then finding the wind is gusting too much for any lessons to take place. I've already bought a 12 hours use Parajet Volution 3 with a 190 Thor electric start motor, and am just about to order an Ozone Roadster 2, ready to collect from FlySpain when I get there. I've done a ton of research, and this wing seems to offer the best of all worlds. I like the lightness aspect of the Spyder, but feel the few extra lbs. weight is offset by the extra toughness of the Roadster, especially if I fly from a local beach. I have also got a couple of local field sites where I can fly from lined up for next summer, so will be ready to go as soon as I'm trained. If you fancy a chat, let me have your number. Dave.