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  1. Lee Jackson

    Future of Drones?

    I'm still amazed that someone flew a drone around me, whilst I was flying, and I was utterly unaware of it! I had been out playing in the mist on my tod, quite oblivious to the world... just avoiding livestock and dog walkers wherever I chanced upon them (i.e. looking down a lot of the time). I went to work and thought no more about it until, 8 hours later, a chap I didn't know sent me a 'is this you' message on Facebook. I was completely dumbstruck... firstly that he'd be flying around me without me even seeing a drone, but also that he'd managed to track me down! There is an argument that he was naughty to do this, as I certainly didn't know the guy or pre-agree to it, but I think he just chanced upon me and it was a bit of luck for both of us. He also didn't come too close or compromise my lines so I'm not fussed in the slightest. I'm actually grateful for the cool footage he shot and we've now agreed to meet and plan a filming session somewhere later in the year. I honestly think the future of drones is assured by sheer practicality. These things are modern day UFO's. They will almost certainly get bigger, become much more numerous, get cleverer and be heavily regulated. Anywho, here's the footage the chap, Alex, sent me:
  2. Lee Jackson

    Central Lincolnshire pilot

    Yep, Winglands is a great place to start. Plenty of cool customers fly from there and some great XC's from there to Hunstanton and or Cromer. You're also very welcome to come down to Cambridgeshire for a flight!
  3. Lee Jackson

    PMC summer fly-in / Para fest dates clash.

    Oh dear... what a genuine shame. Personally I think you should go for a weekend in June anyway Simon ? Speak to the sirens, read the runes, divine the entrails of sheep - do whatever you normally do to bag the best of the weather!
  4. I'm selling my Nucleon WRC 29 wing. I bought this wing in 2016 and have flown it for just over 70 hours before I moved on to my Nucleon XX. It has been an amazing wing to use to progress. I initially kept the wing as a spare but, in all honesty, I just don't fly it any more. As such its time to let it go. Its still in good shape and thought to have about 100+ hours on it. I'm the second owner with an instructor being the first. The wing has the added benefit of having 2D steering fitted. It really is a great wing for Cross Country flying. Its fast and it just seems to cut through any mucky air. My Nucleon xx will bounce around whereas this wing is far more solid feeling. It launches easily and behaves well. It will land fast if you like a swoopy long energy landing (trimmed out) or if you crank the trimmers in you can just step out of the air. I always thought I'd keep this wing, but it just seems such a waste it sitting on the shelf never being flown - so I decided to fly it one last time and sell it. I've put it on eBay so I can't change my mind!!! It may go cheap, but it will go for whatever it goes for! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Paramotor-Wing-Dudek-Nucleon-WRC-29m-inc-2D-steering-fitted-Orange-Black-White/302936329864
  5. Lee Jackson

    Bore Chasers 2018 Video

    How cool was that... as Alan says Steve, totally brilliant video!
  6. Lee Jackson

    Bore Chasers Event

    Wow the weather looks amazing for the whole weekend. Sooooo dischuffed not to be going... have fun people. No pictures, videos or write ups please! ?
  7. Lee Jackson


    Tony, you may want to have a word with Dave (aka Julie) as she has one on order and has done some training with the peabee guys. All very positive from what I’ve seen. I looked one over in 2017 at Brads flyin, looked very cool to me.
  8. Lee Jackson

    Bore Chasers 2018

    Cheers. I can't pretend I'm chuffed about the whole affair. Perhaps you could move the date of the Bore weekend to suit me? ?
  9. Lee Jackson

    Bore Chasers 2018

    Eyup Simon, The better half has pointed out to me I'm already away on a stag weekend on the dates of the Bore... alas I'm presently taking the space of someone else who may wish to go. I can't see how to remove myself - so would you mind doing the honours old bean? 'UnhappyLee'
  10. Lee Jackson

    Pmc flyin

    A really great weekend... and plenty of great flying too. I also really liked the comedian. He was quirky and didn't take himself too seriously. The setting and mixed crowd made life exceptionally tricky for him... and I often couldn't hear what he said when he was away from the mic. Still all good fun and his ending was memorable - to put it mildly!
  11. Lee Jackson

    My clunky Summer Fly-in 2018 video!

    Twat! Despite what the rumours say, I was merely handing out perfumes, hand towels and doing up the odd fly!
  12. Lee Jackson

    My clunky Summer Fly-in 2018 video!

    Yes great to see you too amigo... I always leave these things wishing I'd sat and chatted to people more!!!
  13. I'll pop this here to detract from the 'Own up' quarrel... A huge thanks to Simon and Col (and anyone else who was involved) for the fantastic Summer fly-in. Wow what a weekend! Also a thank you to the cool people helping keep things safe in the flying field too... Jason, Connor and Andy to name a few I observed. What a great bunch of people we have in this silly sport!!!
  14. The answers to the above reside more inside yourself. It depends upon how motivated you are and how hard you'll push yourself. I learnt a good few years ago, and bought the kit... I do not regret doing so nor do I find that I can't fly enough! That said, one reason you're not seeing them more is because the weather window they can use is restricted. They also require a bit of skill, guts and stupidity to fly! They aren't for everyone. Once you've trained you do need a bit of self motivation and self belief to seize the opportunities that pop up. It helps if you can find others that fly, to cajole you and to be cajoled! Best of luck with it... you certainly have a beautiful corner of the country to fly in.
  15. Lee Jackson

    Can anyone help this guy? Moto Monitor??

    I'll field this one, I think I'm qualified... he's going to need to fly the tiger around the earth to my field for evaluation though! He may need to leave it with me for a month or so. Then I can ensure it's all working as it should. We'll talk cost once I can see where I have to fit it. You're welcome!