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  1. Lee Jackson

    Ok here goes...!

    Progress indeed, well done Rich! 😊
  2. Lee Jackson

    The PMC Summer Fly-in - 2019

    Great write up and great pics Steve... you're wasted down the docks!
  3. Another great weekend was had. Thank you to Simon and all the people of the PMC who helped make it so much fun. Thanks also for Tim for the beers ...and to Alan_K for the paramotor water escape equipment...
  4. Lee Jackson

    Ok here goes...!

    Very good Alan, I've logged mine too and have a slightly different combo of the same numbers... 256 flights (212.5 hours). It may not seem logical to low hour pilots... but definitely still learning (and making mistakes). Rich, the landing will just suddenly click, its just a matter of timing and technique. Just enjoy yourself, don't put yourself under any pressure and fly safe.
  5. Lee Jackson

    Newbie: Loughborough

    Yep... exactly what Alan says! If you go along to a fly-in you'll quickly pick up everything you'll need to learn.
  6. Lee Jackson

    Possible changes to 2m

    Good good... thank you Alan!
  7. Lee Jackson

    Possible changes to 2m

    Sorry... I don't understand! Should we be upset or calm?
  8. Lee Jackson

    Microavionics? And helmets.

    Yes, Microavionics are really great - both service and kit. We just need Eddie to wangle some Bluetooth Sena style coms gadgetry into the headsets! Mind you I'd never heard of Zello and it looks very good. Are there any pitfalls? Obviously I guess you need a well charged phone!
  9. Lee Jackson

    Using reserve in non-emergency

    I think there's potentially a couple of people on here who may have thrown one in anger... but personally I wouldn't want to do it aloft just for shits and giggles! Added to that there's probably a few of us on here who have thrown one on a zip line. I did it at the first Parafest. It's not quite as straight forward as you think... but in a pinch I'm sure you'd make it work. I suffered from super sticky old Velcro and then the actual act of pulling/removing it, then throwing it, isn't quite as fast/intuitive as you'd hope.
  10. Lee Jackson

    Smart Watch for flying

    Whoa... isn't that watch worth more than your paramotor?
  11. Lee Jackson

    Training and BHPA

    Hi Andy, yes apologies, I wasn't trying to be contentious... but in this game everyone seems to be climbing over each other to get at each other - be it over a brand, technique and now apparently training affiliation. Personally I usually avoid said argumentative discussions... after all we clearly all already have something in common, regardless of whether I'm sat on a Parajet/flat top or whatever. In this instance I was surprised to see someone actively proclaiming bias against a training affiliation, based upon retaliation rather than competency. Personally I chose to 'upgrade' my training, as it had been left wanting (definitely partly my fault, some was my instructors... nobody on here). I therefore went to someone local to me and had some excellent training and then attained my BHPA power rating. Doing so only made me realise how little I really had been initially taught (or how little I'd listened). Either way doing the BHPA course made me a bit safer and less likely to stray into restricted airspace etc. I'm absolutely sure PMC and APPI are just as proficient. I have no allegiance to the BHPA, nor any bias against anyone else. If people are well trained it is generally pretty evident. As for why the BHPA may not allow non BHPA people on to their sites... no idea (I didn't know they didn't). It could potentially be something to do with their membership/insurance, but I'm not going to speculate. If I'm not allowed onto someone's site due to my BHPA membership... meh, I'll live! So... sorry, genuinely nothing against you Andy. Its your land, you feel free to do as you wish.
  12. Lee Jackson

    Training and BHPA

    Really...seriously...? Just a tad puerile!
  13. Lee Jackson

    Learjet at the Bore

    Brilliant, chuffed I wasn't alone in seeing it. Wish I'd filmed it though. I don't think I was quite close enough for the wake, but I wouldn't have wanted to be any closer! Cheers Cas.
  14. Lee Jackson

    Learjet at the Bore

    I meant to ask around whilst there but was too busy having fun. I was innocently bumbling along when I saw a shadow on the ground moving bloody fast. Naturally I looked around me where I spotted the Learjet tanking along, but thankfully not on a converging course with me. It was a good few hundred yards away and I don't think it'd seen me, or the Report'Air to my left... but it was its speed that was the wakeup call. Had it been heading for one of us there would be literally nothing you could do. Mercifully these aircraft are normally operating much higher than we are. A bit of a non-event but also a reminder that we are not alone up there.
  15. Lee Jackson

    Learjet at the Bore

    I've been meaning to ask if someone else saw the Learjet fly by at about 2,000ft above the Bore on the Saturday (it may have even been the Friday). I was flying towards the big meander at about 2,000ft from the West when this Learjet came rattling through in front of me - I presume it was descending to re-join Gloucester ATZ. It was pretty close, Id say about 4-500 yards away. Someone else, who flies a Red Report Air (apart from Gary Smith), was to my left and may have witnessed it zoom through. No airprox or problem... just curious if anyone else saw it (it was chuffing fast). Sadly my camera was off at the time.