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  1. Lee Jackson

    Bore Chase 2019 new rules (all to read please)

    ... it has its issues. Launching is heals is proving tricky!
  2. Lee Jackson

    Bore Chase 2019 new rules (all to read please)

    Well done mate... its lots of hard work for you but I'm sure it'll be worth it! Now please don't hate me, but I'm really not fussed about fireworks!!!! 🤒 So there's no flying below 500ft on the camp side of the river (unless using the field)? Not a problem, just making sure I've got it right. It may pay to have a rib or something to assist if anyone decides to land t'uther side of the river or go for a wetty (I won't mention Dickie at all here)!
  3. Lee Jackson

    Airband Radio in UK

    So it must be you and me booked on to his course Mark. It looks like March 13th is the day. I'm looking forward to it. I couldn't agree more with it being a low cost when you look at what you gain from it... hopefully.
  4. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    No... no regrets what so ever. Mark is giving you great advice above. Something I am really not placed to do. I have to say that I'm also a bit surprised by some of what your dealer has said. Note I've got the snake 1.2 after 180 hours and its not my main wing. And in my opinion, it doesn't feel more stable then the Nuc xx in turbulence - nor a better all rounder. In fact in the slightest whiff of a thermal, gust or any turbulence and it oscillates (it is a wing that demands to be actively flown). Its easy to dampen, but the Nuc xx just ploughs on without correction. The Snake landings are fast but not an issue if you're adept at landing trims out for a long, high energy finish anyway.
  5. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    I'm now flying the 22m Snake 1.2 As its not my primary wing I could also have gone for the 20m, but I chose the 22m as its correct for my weight and I knew I'd fly it a lot more than occasionally. I absolutely love it and can see exactly what Mark is saying above. There isn't a rush here and this is a logical step towards a more dynamic wing. I seem to find myself flying the snake 1.2 when I'm on my own and the Nuc xx when flying with others, or flying a distance.
  6. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    I'm also at 135-145Kg all up and have been flying the Nuc xx 24m for the last couple of years. Its been great. TBH I could also have got away with the 22m.
  7. Lee Jackson

    Airband Radio in UK

    Alan, thanks to you I'm now on Andy's waiting list! As you say, he does these sessions in groups so I'm just waiting for a few others to join and then he'll run it. Cheers mate 😉
  8. Lee Jackson

    Lake Bornos and Arcos, Spain

    Great pics! That really does look a beautiful spot to fly... one day!
  9. Lee Jackson

    Airband Radio in UK

  10. Lee Jackson

    Airband Radio in UK

    Hi Alan, great information here! If OK, I'm going to contact this chap as I have always wanted to gain my FRTOL. I even have my trusty unused icom A6 gathering dust in the garage. Hopefully he still does these courses and would entertain the idea of helping a PPG flier. Thank you Alan!
  11. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    I genuinely do not know the answer to this! I know its the lightened version of the Speedster 2 and the one below the Freeride in the Ozone range but other than that I just don't know enough about Ozone wings. I may be shot for saying this... but from my limited experience Ozone wings seem slower than Dudek (for the same wing size). But speed definitely isn't everything. If anyone knows better/more please do feel free to put me right!!!
  12. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    I was very, very tempted to get one... I hear great things about them. But then I'm genuinely really happy with my Nucleon XX - I still really enjoy flying it (I did a couple of flights with it Sunday). In essence I don't feel I've outgrown it. So in my mind I went with the Snake as more of a play wing to compliment the Nuc for XC. As I understand it the hadron is slightly more XC and so I decided not to have two XC focussed wings. That's my logic anyway.
  13. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    I've certainly never heard that it isn't good in turbulent air, nor found that to be the case. I've flown in some mucky old shite too! I do know you need to keep it pressurised in deep wingovers though, but I do that anyway. The Nucleon xx is pretty fast (i'm at the top of its weight range but cruise at about 32mph) but the Snake 1.2 feels much faster (but then it would). As such it needs to be respected. Personally at face value I think you may want to look at a good intermediate wing like a Nuc xx, Report Air, Speedster 2 or Scirocco 2. A friend has recently moved from a Nuc xx to a Scirocco 2 and absolutely loves it. But it also depends upon what sort of flying you want to do. IMHO I think you should talk to instructors like Simon, Clive or Chilly as they all have loads of experience, they know what to ask you and they know the wings better than someone like myself. You may even get to try before you buy that way! Best of luck with it and fly safe!
  14. Lee Jackson

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    TBH it depends upon which Snake you're talking about. I'm now flying a snake 1.2 for 'fun' but kept my nucleon xx for XC flying. The snake is a really great wing but I was warned away from the Snake XX with my experience level (about 180 hours). I think it is recommended at 300+hrs! TBH the snake 1.2 is noticeably unstable compared to the Nuc XX... and great fun, but nothing scary. Its definitely a hands on wing 80% of the time. I have used it for XC's but it will oscillate due to being a that bit more unstable, but that is easily dampened out once you're hands on. Its just great fun to throw about and is extremely precise - a real pleasure to fly. I guess like all these things if you treat it with respect all should be OK. If you do make a mistake, or misjudge, the penalty on a feisty wing you're not familiar with could be catastrophic. I saw this first hand in the U.S. with a very experienced pilot... and this helped steer me to the 1.2 over the XX! I'm not familiar with the Spyder, is that on a par with the Dudek Nucleon xx?
  15. Lee Jackson

    Convincing Wife!

    Oh dear... I'd nip that in the bud asap! You're potentially going to be cheating gravity... and there are inherent dangers in doing so. I doubt any stats out there will allay any of her fears. Personally I just tell the Mrs I'm popping out to go Bullfighting.