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  1. Stu, as far as I understand it they are identical in terms of profile and riser setup etc... but, I thought I was told (when buying), the difference was the number of cells. That said, the website has them both at 60 cells?!?!? However looking at the Rep'Air specs it appears to just have longer lines which I guess would do a similar job - i.e. make it more stable. I fly with someone on a 22 Rep'Air, and he's a tad lighter than me. As such we're perfectly aligned for speed. We literally trim out and just sit along side one another on XC's. I've also flown the Rep'Air a few times. They are literally identical to the Nuc xx until you pull brake hard... then it becomes more apparent that the wing is slightly more sedate (only slightly) - e.g. you have to work a bit harder to build up a deep wingover. Other than that there's nothing between them (ignoring colour schemes).
  2. Hi Stu, I have slightly over 130 hours logged on a Nuc xx 24m. I've owned all generations... i.e. the Nucleon, Nucleon WRC and this XX. It's truly a fantastic wing and pretty much a perfect allrounder (IMHO). FYI I have a smaller snake if I do want a spicier flight, but for XC's, general pottering or sociable flying I'd always reach for the Nuc xx. I'm about 85Kgs and all up weight at about 125-130 so near the top end of my wing range. If I were to buy a new one now I'd definitely go for a 22m but I'm not suffering on the 24m. With your experience level you may still want to look at a 22m. Like Alan says, it may not launch as readily as a lightened Ozone, but I think that is easily compensated by its top speed and trimmer range. I think bar adds about 12mph (if my memory serves me correctly). In my opinion it also has a nice level of agility mixed with stability. So you can really throw it about... but you're not constantly dampening oscillation in wonky air. I think they're about £2600, but again I'm going from memory here. Chilly is just up the road from you and can probably give you a more accurate/current price. I've had mine for nearly 3 years now and honestly still love flying it! I'm over in Cambridgeshire. I think you fly Suffolk area so if you're ever passing, or if you want to come over, you'd be very welcome to take it for a spin!
  3. Wow... how cool is that! Now we just need the weather.
  4. Hi Simon, Great idea and I'd definitely be interested. But TBH I'd prefer to do this on a dedicated day at Swindon though... I'd prefer to be flying at the Cornwall flyin!
  5. Brilliant video Stu, lots of really good info in there. Your flying toolkit is a tad more comprehensive than mine. I have a roll of tape, zip ties and an allen key!
  6. Progress indeed, well done Rich! 😊
  7. Great write up and great pics Steve... you're wasted down the docks!
  8. Another great weekend was had. Thank you to Simon and all the people of the PMC who helped make it so much fun. Thanks also for Tim for the beers ...and to Alan_K for the paramotor water escape equipment...
  9. Very good Alan, I've logged mine too and have a slightly different combo of the same numbers... 256 flights (212.5 hours). It may not seem logical to low hour pilots... but definitely still learning (and making mistakes). Rich, the landing will just suddenly click, its just a matter of timing and technique. Just enjoy yourself, don't put yourself under any pressure and fly safe.
  10. Yep... exactly what Alan says! If you go along to a fly-in you'll quickly pick up everything you'll need to learn.
  11. Sorry... I don't understand! Should we be upset or calm?
  12. Yes, Microavionics are really great - both service and kit. We just need Eddie to wangle some Bluetooth Sena style coms gadgetry into the headsets! Mind you I'd never heard of Zello and it looks very good. Are there any pitfalls? Obviously I guess you need a well charged phone!
  13. I think there's potentially a couple of people on here who may have thrown one in anger... but personally I wouldn't want to do it aloft just for shits and giggles! Added to that there's probably a few of us on here who have thrown one on a zip line. I did it at the first Parafest. It's not quite as straight forward as you think... but in a pinch I'm sure you'd make it work. I suffered from super sticky old Velcro and then the actual act of pulling/removing it, then throwing it, isn't quite as fast/intuitive as you'd hope.
  14. Whoa... isn't that watch worth more than your paramotor?
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