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  1. Perfect, thank you both! It'll take a bit of care to ensure line lengths work trimmed in and trimmed out (on bar) but the new combined brake/tip steer on the H3 is pretty crappy in my opinion. I much prefer the dedicated toggles I have on my snake and Nuc xx. Fly safe chaps
  2. Hi Alan and Danny, where did you guys get the tip steering systems from? I quite like the idea of adding the toggles to my H3 which, rather dissapointingly, doesn't have them!
  3. Yes, I was well up for the Italy trip. A shame, but these are not normal times. I've still not had any time off work in 2020 (cue violin) - its been a mad year! Please say hello to Henry for me. One day I'd like to fly to Hillington from my place... I'll have to see if Henry would let me land and refuel there. Say hi to Cath from Blue Hat!
  4. I hope you get to do this Neilzy... one way or another you will get to have some time away this year!
  5. Ha ha excellent news... I thoroughly look forward to hearing who the spineless prick was!!!
  6. Eyup Neilzy, There was no hope in hell I was flying back out of there. Plenty of room, but the wooden prop had fractured when it hit the water and everything was utterly soaked. Mrs J came to my rescue! It was definitely a walk of shame. A van full of the local roadworkers came over to me just to laugh and take the piss... which I fully deserved. I haven't foot dragged again since!!!
  7. Yes... not my finest moment. Although I'm now 100% sure that I can't walk on water! The water landing was over at Brampton where they wee building the new A14. Very silly indeed!
  8. Hi Mick, may I ask where are you training? Well I guess you may know this, but this flying lark really is as good as it looks! If you want to catch up one day when we're flying please feel free to contact me. As a teaser for you there's a bit of St Ives and the local area in this vid:
  9. Hi Mick... I fly from St Ives. I don't think I'm a raving lunatic though. More of an irresponsible idiot! There's a good few of us in the area, although I'm the only one flying directly from St Ives. Lee Jackson
  10. I'll second the above... Mike is an awsome tutor! FYI I didn't learn with him, but he got me through my BHPA conversion and he has helped me no end of times. A great honest guy.
  11. I despair reading this! I'm the last person to be a goody goody, but it's painfully obvious this isn't right. Yes you can fly without going near a soul, you won't inconvenience anyone, take a hospital bed or put anyone at risk... but you'll piss off everyone else who does adhere to the guidelines. The dog walker mentioned above is just a indication of the balance of opinion against you and therefore us.
  12. Yep, if I'm hungry I'll fly in any old shite! I'm not a great fan of flying in the actual rain though... I did notice at the Bore how everyone elses wings were white on the underside mines a sort of yellow! I guess its from a few years of mud, cow shit and slapdash application of foundation.
  13. Hi Onur, To be honest I'm probably not the best person to recommend a wing to you as I don't know anything about you, your experience, skill level etc... but for comparison I did fly a 28m WRC now fly a 24m Nuc xx and a 22m Snake 1.2. Both great wings. The XX is great for XC, but agile enough to have fun on, and the Snake is quite a bit more agile... but more tiring for XC flying. If you’re looking to get into some 'fruity flying' you may need/want something completely different. I’d speak to a dealer/instructor as they will have more experience and better advise than people like me - I
  14. Hi Onur, the Nucleon wrc is/was a great wing. Very stable and also a reputation for being fast (in its day) but note it is definitely an older design by today’s standards. I really loved the one I had, which had 2d steering added. It was rock solid for cross country flying but not amazingly agile... so great if you are low hours or just love xc flying. I flew it in some rowdy air and trusted it. To be honest it was tiring to do wingovers with but great for learning the basics. I don’t have any vids of it being thrown around but you can see mine back in 2017 on the PMC Spain trip... https
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