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  1. Yes we all need to maintain our engines. So we are simply testing them out after the repair we just done to it
  2. so is there a wing that is easy to launch stable in the air (hand off flight) fast in the air agile when you want it to be slow takeoff and slow flare i guess if such a wing existed there would be no need for any other wing on the market
  3. this is the problem i want to do xc and fly low and fast, i guess you cant have your cake and eat it
  4. oh really ? i wasn't aware that upwind or downwind would be the same climb rate at the same throttle position, thinking about it, it makes sense, as the wing will always travel at a given speed as hann mentions above. so what your saying is a need a bailey lol Im glad i asked the questions now as im learning alot more thanks guys
  5. hi yes the engine was running rather cold however it was very cold up there that day, but looking back on previous flights it does look like im using around 6 litres an hour, i mean if this is normal then i will accept it and just take more fuel with me but it does seem a little much for a 100cc engine to use i have not plug chopped yet but i do check the plug rather often to make sure colour is not greying or white, and i normally run high rpm then stall the engine and check that but what your saying to check at mid throttle makes more sense so although i'm running "right " top end i may be rich in my mid throttle, i will check this one out on the next flight. thanks Harry
  6. hopefully i will be able to rsvp for this one before they all go,
  7. so i had 6 litres of highly flammable liquid in a sealed plastic container, this, according to the manufacturers specs should have gave me between 1.45 and 2 hours of flight. The plug being a lovely coffee colour shows the motor is running as it should. So im happy to take of with my 6 litres knowing that i am safe for 1.45, i fly, i do my thing, i return, I overshoot my landing and roll on the throttle, to a splutter bang pop, (and thats just my arsehole). It turns out that i had consumed 5.75 litres of fuel in what turn out to be 50 minutes, i manage to nurse it to a safe controlled landing, smiling at the amazing flight i had just had. however on the way home i started pondering. A. how efficient is my motor B.how efficient if the wing and 3 lol. how inefficient does the wind make us all so now lets go into a little more detail of the three options A I fly a vittorazi fly evo 100cc if creates 56kg of thrust and its enough for me at 75kg. the spec states that it uses 3.-3.5 ltr per hour at around level flight (30kg thrust), so the motor i have if pretty much perfect for my weight, so either Do the specs lie ( are vittorazi actually in partnership with those sneaky german car manufacturers that manage to trick the world to believe there engine is more efficient). Am i using to much throttle, and by this i mean am i being inefficient in my throttle usage? (maybe climbing at full chat and then going to tick over) kind of like the way the way our mums would drive causing everyone in the car to suffer small scale whiplash ? Is my motor not really tuned? I have tuned the motor to where i believe it should be, the plug is a nice coffee colour with a very slight oil build up on the base just near the electrode, showing my oil mix and air to fuel mix is correct. (i also have an in flight tuning mod to the carb, which i have not used since i got the motor running smooth) B. I fly a 29 synth ( i know the thing is a boat, and last time i saw fabric that size i decided to leave the canadian girlfriend and head back to england) however i am in the correct weight range of the wing when taking into account the motor fuel reserve etc. would flying a smaller wing increase my fuel consumption as i will be flying faster ? or will it decrease as the newer wing would be more efficient (even though it would fly faster) Or is the fact that i shit myself on every launch the problem? does the shit hit my prob and disturb the airflow causing less thrust and making me use more throttle to fly and 3. going into wind. ok i understand this would slow me down, but it would also create more lift, therefore i would not need as much throttle to maintain a steady flight. going with the wind would give me more speed but i would need more throttle to maintain height and this is where litres per (distance) would come into play so i will post my flight details below and look forward to hearing some answers back, (i don't mind having a laugh and reading some hilarious answers but some sensible ones would be great to please Flight location oh fuck .... here we go.... (sorry guys) Parafest.........(i know, i know, but in my defence i wasn't made aware of the summer fly in rsvp so i missed out) wind speed 2kph On ground around 12-15 kph in air air temp 12 but i was freezing my tits off up there distance traveled 36 km fuel used 5.5 - 5.75 litres max engine temp 120 - 125 max height 2028 feet so whats the conclusion here. am i just a fat fucker, is my motor letting me down or do i need a new wing look forward to the opinions of others and and Paul ....... no talk about your bailey please Lol
  8. Oh shit..... I could not find this anywhere. Gutted. Any chance of two more spaces ? Ok i may as well ask now. The autumn bore chasers this autumn, do we have dates ? I need to learn how to navigate this site
  9. any idea what date the next one is im also looking out for the link to put our names down for the summer fly in ? am i too early ?
  10. so basically just a bad judgement on deciding to try to launch rather than an actual failed launch ? i wasnt sure if maybe i felt lift and lifted my legs or if i tripped over, i just remember running like hell and then hearing a big bang (prop hit something) either ground or my fuel tank. then lots of vibration (unbalanced prop) so i killed it and started skidding on my feet to come to a quick stop. im surprised no one has any footage of it though, im sure it would have given some people a laugh.
  11. Hi, im looking for anyone that may have video footage of my failed take off/ crash on the sunday morning of the summer fly in, set up was a bulldog with a red synth, and ended up with the prop going through the tank strap, Im not quite sure how it actually happened as it all happen pretty quick and would like to review the footage and also stick it on youtube also here are two quick videos of the weekend Enjoy. this one was my first flight of the weekend, and my first engine out this was my second flight of the weekend, the first flight with an engine out is below
  12. ihv bought some new warmspace 7.4v on full heat they last about 4 hours. battery packs come with them and they were about 48 quid delivered. the only downside is they are a little big. I'm talking alot of fabric on the gloves not the size. warmspace make alot of heated gloves but these are the newer ones with the 5600mah batteries
  13. oh ok I bet get saving then, where is the best place to buy local in essex
  14. so how high do you have to be to have a reserve successfully open, say for example its 600ft but you normally fly under that height would it be worth having a reserve ?
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