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  1. Zenith with Polini 200. Photos with a Large Paramania Go-Fly wing, but I’m now on a Revo3-29. The Revo doesn’t fit so well with the fuel tank still installed, so I may look at modifying one of the boxes to fit the tank in. Prop straps to the lid of one box. Jerry can in the box (although there’s a 30 litre tank on the front that works as well as a Jerry can). Helmet, reserve, suit etc in the other box. Hoop and spars strapped onto the zenith foot. Couple of Rox-shock straps hold it on, with a couple of safety carabiners to stop it hitting me if I came off. (Also ground the pa
  2. Richy, I've got myself a small mini van. It does get stuffed to the gunnels, but would probably be able to take at least your tent and some other bits to the Fly In and back. That's if you've still only got your bike. I'm down week before and week after Fly In at the Membury "Hilton"!
    In case you've forgotten I'm the fat, baldy, Scottish guy with moustache and normally pink/red from the sun.
    Regards GaryH
    1. admin (Simon W)

      admin (Simon W)

      You can also drop a motor off with me if you want to bring the bike :-) 

      SW :D


  3. +1 for the Dubb-love. Really wish I had time to get my 63 Devon back on the road. That would solve the dilemma between Paramotor or camping kit when I can only fit one or the other on the back of my bike. Great vids too.
  4. Hi Steve. Great write-up on Parafest. Mixed in with some great photos. You mention that you can send copies to people who spot themselves. Pretty sure you've got me running away from you, with the orange Revo3, black/silver zenith, blue jeans (middle of the write up, next to the yellow wing). 

    Could I get a copy?

    Many thanks. 


  5. richy_b

    Parafest 2016

    Great write-up on a great weekend. Interesting to hear that Mark accepts volunteers to assist marshaling. With that many take-offs, fluffs and landings, it was great just waiting at the back of the field watching technique. Last year I just spectated, this year I got in a couple of flights, looking forward to next year already.
  6. richy_b


  7. Just need the weather to sort itself out now. Had mine a week now and this is as far as it's got:-
  8. Need to get a smaller tent, so I can fit my kit on the bike and actually fly next time. Still, great weekend anyway. Here's a few of my fav pics that I got:-
  9. Merry Christmas everyone. And many Happy Landings for the New Year.
  10. I saw them on the Sunday too. Like it so much I spent last week being trained by Deano. Enjoyed that so much I'm trying to get back down there again next week.
  11. As a newbie, that's just what I need to hear. [uNAMUSED FACE] Looking at the 200 because of my build, instructors recommendation and a single test flight (and 2 on the 130). Pat. That sounds more like it, (unless your advocating drinking&flying [FACE WITH STUCK-OUT TONGUE AND WINKING EYE]). Some good local knowledge seems a great place to start.
  12. Just wanted to say hi. Spent last week with Dean Eldridge down at Parajet. Obviously this week was a blow-out for newbies, but hope to get back down for a bit more next week. All being well, want to get my own rig and hope to get up and about around the Newbury/Reading area soon. Looking at a Zenith Thor200 with a Revo2 29 (6'2" and +100kg). Cheers Richy.
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