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  1. Ok - I'll have a look. Thanks. Was hoping to be in Cornwall but long way to come given the weather - got to be back on Sunday to be 'Birthdayed' by my kids. Sure we'll meet up soon.
  2. Think you're right. I will check it out next time I'm in Annecy free-flying - think that it is being taken on much more in the FF community and in the Alps especially. Was just interested in what the target is in the top right of your screen (with + sign at centre) and whether that had anything to do with it - I haven't seen that on my screen yet.
  3. Hi Chris - me too as you know. So far I haven’t noticed anything on my screen when flying - went on 70k trip last Thursday. Naviter say it’s on as default so am trusting all is well. From your photo it seems you may have now tested with other traffic. Is that target top right appearing because there’s another aircraft near? Or do you just have your Oudie screen set up differently to mine? cheers paul
  4. Hi Cas Good to finally meet face to face with you and Steve on Saturday. Hope to meet up again soon. Are you on Facebook?
  5. Hi Dave Interesting - I have just asked Clive Mason (he's a microavionics dealer) a similar question as I'm coming into contact with much more GA where I fly from more regularly now. I was looking at the Yaesu 250L as it looks smaller. Paul
  6. On the subject of Common Land. Having lived next to the New Forest for years I know that our notion of what 'Common Land' means is a bit vague (a bit like Common-Law marriages). Sadly, pretty much all 'Common' Land is owned by the local authority (or in the case of the New Forest, the National Park). Before that it would have been most likely the Lord of the Manor. It's pretty much a misnomer to think that by being 'common', you/we/I have a right to do whatever we like on it - most bits of common land come with by-laws. Worth asking though (or getting up v early ) That said, when
  7. I now have my renewal. All good at the moment of course but if no-deal Brexit they say they may need to cancel and repay my premium.
  8. I've just had my renewal notice with no mention of this. Have emailed them and will update when I get an answer. GeoffW, not sure the club's policy picks you off an alp and repatriates but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Jon - I spoke to Barry yesterday - suggested we put something up on Facebook. - Do you mind me using your text above? Paul
  10. yup - afraid I just passed on by back to London - still gusting plenty here now
  11. Might be an idea. Gusty here at the moment too - could die down later.
  12. Btw this thread is getting very long is a Guildford group needed?
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