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  1. Intermittent cutting out and poor starting had plagued my machine for several months. Cleaned pilot jet as suggested, apparently a common cause but didn't cure. Turned out to be the black cloth covered tube from the inlet to fuel pump being perished and splitting at the manifold end. The problem went hidden for ages because the fuel pump still worked fine and the damned woven covering obscured it beautifully. What was happening of course was the small air leak upsets the mixture badly at tickover, but not sufficiently enough to stop the pump working. The machine was new November 2011 and had around 150 hours when the problem started. Nige
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  3. Paragliding is better... ..when your actually doing it! I used to make a 200 mile round trip over a several year period from Northampton to the Peak District. I had a few fruitless trips but a few great weekends. Paramotoring is far more convenient and reliable although the noise is a necessary evil but one accepts it. Being able to choose where you fly and land is great especially flat areas where paragliding is out. Nige
  4. I am near to the top of my classic nuke, probably flying at around 22~23 mph airspeed, motor is V5, don't have a rev counter but purrs lovely at about quarter throttle when trimmers on full slow with just a little brake. Great for flying low without annoying people also can hear music better. Nige
  5. Thinking of changing my Nucleon 29 for one of the 5 metre-ish smaller designs for the same all-up weight such as the Nucleonxx of Apco Force2 etc. The thing is despite the advantages will I likely lose a particular quality I currently have ie the ability to fly at really minimal power when on slow trim? Cheers Nige
  6. Maybe see about fitting a bracing bar. I've seen it on a machine, cant think what it was but it spans across from one side to the other thus offering rigidity on powered forward launches. Nige
  7. What machine is it? I once had a Rad MXL and similar happened to me. Cheers Nige
  8. 500ft rule?.. what if someones hiding behind a hedge in an otherwise empty area? Nige
  9. Lordfrench, I carry a scan of my local area from my airmap, which lives on the leg map pocket of my flying suit. Also I used my phone's camera to take several pictures of my southern UK airmap so that if I do visit somewhere else such as fly-ins I can refer to them without the inconvenience of carrying the full sized map. My Garmin GPS has the ability to mark circles overlaid on the map screen so configured as to mark airspace boundaries of my local airfields so I can see exactly where I am if I have to skirt round one. Nige
  10. Paramotoring equipment has evolved to the point of being able to travel great distances, but because of this it's easy to stray into controlled airspace if knowledge of an area is a little "grey". The problem isn't so much the major airports which are usually well known and obvious but the smaller aerodromes and other features which need to be encounterd according to regulations. My local airfield has had several recent incursions which if not checked is likely to sooner or later result in a serious incident, or at least another step towards our sport becoming regulated. I would like to suggest therefore that all pilots familiarise themselves thoroughly of what's around wherever they fly. Regards Nigel Dunlop Northampton
  11. Yeah, I've got lots of spare used rubbers to recycle! I checked the gauze today and it's still tight in its place after several hours of use and still runs good. Took some pics, I'll try to upload them.
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