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  1. bathboy


  2. Shame about the shirt is an understatement. That is my Shite Shirt - present from my son - I saved for my last flight Wearing it added to an amazing and memorable flight. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Tony, Yes, yes and yes Here are some pictures https://goo.gl/photos/sqpnVBoxi23LNPax5 Cheers Paul
  4. Ha ha, Delighted our marvelous/dubious regional music has made a lasting impression IMO the Action/ReAction is a great & safe (safest?) wing design proven over many years. Although my ReAction is a tad harder to launch, as we both age! It is still my first choice wing, serving me well in bumpy Nepal air in Feb.
  5. Well done Stu. Great video of the stunning Scottish scenery! Lovely old ReAction still doing the business? Shocking musick though Cheers Paul
  6. Lets wake up this old thread as we went to see Karan in Nepal. Karan was lovely host, and helped this old bloke achieve an ambition and fly a paramotor over Pokhara Cheers Paul
  7. Hi George, You'll love it! I'm in Bath and as Badger says there are plenty of us around you. If you've not decided on your kit yet, we've bought many different types of wings and motors between us so know a few do's and don'ts. IMO finding someone the same size and weight as you who likes their kit is a good start of what to consider. Cheers Paul
  8. bathboy

    Paramotor rental

    Definitely yes. Shared ownership works for gliding clubs and many other sports. Cost important, but personally far more important is hiring a familiar 'feel' (safer) motor. e.g. my preference for RH or LH throttle and/or torque. Low or High hangpoints. Rather that buy a stock of hire motors. If existing owners' have gaps in usage (family time), maybe they would 'share' their motor when not using it? Not simple, but possible? Cheers Paul
  9. Sounds like a great plan. A few of us are getting longer legs and would have a go. Steve B made Bath to Swanage recently. Maybe we can convince Radical will come Souf and join us? Cheers Paul
  10. Nice one Dave. You didn't wave though? Ian and I flew from England to South Wales, then back to near home on Sunday. The Severn and Bristol Channel looked beautiful. Cheers Paul
  11. I've heard that to fly you DO have to show insurance for St. Hilaire, France. Same at Las Candelas, Spain. So with Onrisk no more, getting BHPA rating and their included insurance in the next few weeks looks the best (only?) option for me. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Adrian, I have a harness you can borrow. Malc used it for a while, so it can be adjusted to any size Drop me an email and we'll meet in Bath/Bristol when the weather improves. Cheers Paul
  13. Karan, This is really great news. Hopefully a few of us will be able to come out to Nepal in 2011 Cheers Paul
  14. If outdoors was over a very smooth surface and next to sports centre size building to do multiple repacks, demos and safety talk I agree. My main learning from the zip wire was the 'feel' and 'nerves' of flying, the throwing experience and a day of knowledge from experts. Hard to prove, but IMO fowling is not the big risk if you get expert advice installing it. The BIG risk is pilot error, then delay in throwing and then the reserve failing to leave the container. Seriously, I cannot recommend any very well organised zip wire enough. Cheers Paul P.S. I prefer to sit outside drinking beer than inside supping cider, but will drink and rave about cider when there is no beer
  15. Guys, It was brilliant and VERY well organised to get over 130 reserves thrown and repacked. Before I went, I thought just using the Parajet harness without the motor and cage would feel half a job. But when I was sat at the top of the zip wire - after wriggling into the seat, with reserve on my lap - it felt the same as my flights last week. I definitely gained from the experience and would very strongly recommend it to everyone. I'll be back next year as it has changed my opinion on indoors v outdoors. Cheers Paul
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