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  1. Almost certain I won't be able to make either but a month is preferable for me........
  2. Definitely a prank, the fines are £60 for ANY first breach, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days, and each subsequent fine will automatically double.
  3. I’d happily pay for Andrea to join, but as mentioned, she’d get to see the “real” price of things........ on second thoughts, I don’t care if she sees how cheap this stuff is (inc motors) compared to her hobby.......she has a 16K sewing machine
  4. Could you please check the posting of the sock and pole, as I’ve still not received it. thanks Andy
  5. Thanks for this, I thought it would have been a genuine mistake! stick it in the post to me at EDIT BY ADMIN Let me know the cost and I’ll gladly refund it to you. (Will need your address or email and I’ll do it through Paypal) Best regards Andy
  6. I’d like to say a big thank you to the kind person (s) who took my 7m windsock pole, complete with heavy duty ground pole, and large orange windsock with UKPPG logo down at the end of the flyin. I’d be even more grateful if you returned it to me ! id like to think this was a genuine mistake rather than a blatant theft....... Please contact me for it’s return address. thank you Andy
  7. Put me and Andrea down for this ! ill take up the “popo” role if you want (can provide own official fluorescent jacket)
  8. until

    Sadly I am having to pull out of this event as I am having an operation on my foot tomorrow (last minute cancellation accepted) but hope to be flying fit again for the fly-in in July. Hope the weather is good for you all and will miss you...................
  9. Me too, dropping out, going into hospital tomorrow for an op to break and shorten 2 toes......no flying for at least 8 weeks......just when the good weather gets here !
  10. andy4115


  11. Pretty much as per the last (nforster) reply, within 50 yds of a road is a no no. As for the "vicinity of an aircraft" bit, our Firearms Licensing think that relates to not being able to use a firearm within 2 miles of an airport, and pretty sure this would not constitute an airport. A visit to the local nick should enable you to get contact details for the local firearms licensing bod, and a word in his ear may be all it takes. The C.A.A. may be better placed to comment on the "vicinity of an aircraft"
  12. I will make some enquiries into this. I take it he is on his own land, or has permission to be shooting on the land he is on, I note he is not firing in your direction, may be helpful to know who the landowner is for the field he uses.
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