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  1. As soon as I can get out of this meeting were on the road
  2. 3 for me and the family. Parafest for a mad one. PCM summer flyin great people, amazing views and witnessing nature's power and the light aircraft festival which is for charity and a great cause. If I can get the odd weekend off from the family for the odd bore chase is a bonus
  3. Thanks s1buell_wl I pull a lot on the tips to get myself rocking. I have to pull left/right to start the pendulum effect then its hold on tight what my video and you'll see how much i pull, maybe a 30 the next size down would be agile Regards Marc
  4. That's exactly my concern Alan. I'm using the tip steer for all my flying but need to be ready on the main brakes especially at low level. I've only ever flown Dudek synth and nuke and now my speedster. They are totally different wings regarding steering i've found, Dudek tips give flat turns and brakes give a more dynamic turn where as my new speedster the, main brakes = flat turns and the tips are straight over I think the next flight soon i hope and with plenty of height i'm going to try with my a hands on the brakes and tip, marc
  5. What do people mainly fly with ? Tip steering or main brakes ? I fly a 33 Ozone and love it. In flight the main brakes just give me a flat turn and i have to apply quite a lot of pressure on them where as the tip steers can really get me rolling over. How do other people fly ? Im thinking of trying brake and tip together ? Marc
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