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  1. Having witnessed 2 motors stuck on full power, I have a cord knotted and attached to my plug lead, threaded over the shoulder down the harness sleeve with a plastic ball for easy grab. Just pull and the cable will separate from plug cap.
  2. I contacted ATC 2017 whilst on holiday on the Island in attempt to get permission to fly, the answer was if I was successful in getting permission I would be the first person to fly a Paramotor on Jersey. I had the opinion they like Paragliding maybe not powered.
  3. Hi Simon, when is membership renewal date, can’t have you saying can’t come in at the Bore.


  4. Thanks a lot Simon for another wonderful weekend, once again We hope to be invited to next years event.

    This is definitely the best flyin and look forward to this weekend each year, many thanks to Marshall’s “great job” and all your aids.

    Big shout to all the folks,” what a great friendly bunch friends”


  5. until

    Hope so we’re coming
  6. Can't answer your question sorry, but I can say it was absolutely amazing and all going well I will be there next year plus my better half thought it was fantastic. But she wants me to make sure we are pitched next to the Paramotor field so we don't miss any of the incredible displays by the Parabatix team. Amazing location, Fantastic Atmosphere, Great for the whole family.
  7. I am also a private pilot having returned to Paramotoring a year ago after a 8 year gap, I had 2 previous years flying Paramotors, Ihad about 30 hours previous and about 20 hrs so far, I would highly recommend a V3 as there is no doubt you will bottom out at some time, even the top lads do now and again. so far I've had no extra expense as the V3 can take the bumps and I've had a couple.
  8. Hi, I'm a local pilot to Daresbury (Cheshire), would like to introduce myself to whoever was flying near Daresbury today. Graham
  9. The 190 and 185 are both good and little to choose between, however if your a beginner more thought should be given to the frame type as you will definitely fall or slip at some time, even with lots of hours logged you will slip. I have the V3 and I'm very impressed with frame it is strong and can take a few bumps, as you assume correctly I have slipped a few times, mostly due to Dew. save your self pounds and choose a good frame with either engine.
  10. Best I book for the Bore Flyin for next 5 years then and whilst we're at it book me in for everything ?
  11. Hi Christian, Thanks for info, much appreciated. latest plan is to follow the coast to Biarritz, stopping off wherever on the way hopefullydragging some sand :)) Graham
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