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PMC Bore chasers March 2020


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Due to the success of the last Bore Chasers events V the field size, there will once again be a limit of 150 pilots for this one. If you want a place then YOU MUST RSVP please. 

ONLY 'PILOTS' NEED TO RSVP A PLACE. Guests of members do not need to RSVP

If you have not been to this one before, I am sure that all who have will agree that it's not one to be missed! 

The location of the take off field is just perfect for following the tides that will be passing though over the weekend. 

We will have the bar team back to take care of drinks. 

For food, we can cater for ALL from chunks of red meat to seeds and lightly flavoured fruit tea ;-) 

Camping for Tents, caravans and motorhomes is £10 for the landowner. 

We will also be asking everyone for £10 which we will be donating to the local charity link below. 


Guests non flying, £15 Please pay on arrival.

Limited family / holiday accommodation is available walking distance from the flying field. (ideal for those who would like a bit of luxury) Please contact Kathy Turner on 07970 771 039 for information, availability and pricing.


If you are not a full member you need to upgrade to one before you RSVP. Non paid members will be taken off the list to allow space for those that are. (link below to VIP membership). For £30 per year you can come to all 3 events FOC! :-), triple the fun!! 



The address is: 

Milton End Farm, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, GL2 7JH.

Here is a short video from a past event :-) 

Also, check out the full article from the last Bore Chasers event link below. :-) 



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I am so disappointed that, due to a calendar clash, I have to withdraw from flying at this event this time.  

I hope the weather will be perfect for you all, have a great time, catch up with you all soon 😪

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I'm working Friday and Sunday and so my place is up for grabs. If I can make Saturday afternoon I can just be a day visitor, I guess. 

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First PMC FlyIn in 7 years that I can't make. Have fun!


Response from the author:

What a shame Gary. :-( It wont be quite the same without you man! 



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    • Rockon, hi, and welcome I bought the spyder wing as my first wing after learning, and think it is great!  Nice and light, so easy to launch in low wind. I also bought the Nitro 200 as it is the lightest one with electric start, and havent been disappointed.   You might want to wait till you have done your training first before investing in the kit.  You will have a better idea of what you want then. Enjoy! cheers jon
    • for sale is my buzz z4 paragliding  wing  £900 no siv it is a large 95kg to 115kg 
    • Thanks for the replies.Here are some pictures about the netting design.   It uses 1,6mm stainless tig wire bent to a U shape around a 6mm bar,the wire is highly polished so that the netting line wont chafe.I built a guide jig for the drill that clamps onto the hoop,the frame consists of two different pipe diameters so i had to made two jigs for the different pipe diameters. Its possible to freehand,but drilling with a jig will save your drill bits and make straight evenly spaced holes.I experimented freehanding but  it was a hassle getting the loops through,also snapped the drill bits easily. I used 2mm drill bits.I tried various cobalt bits.Proper bits are essential,i tried using different brand namely bosch etc cobalt(made for stainless) bits but all of them managed to drill only a couple holes before the bit dulled or snapped.Dont even try with standard drill bits(black ones) for stainless.I managed to find success with drill bits from wurth and drilled all of the holes with only 2 bits. Increadibly quality on these drills,i suspect they are made by ruko or at the least ruko would be the same quality.The drilling was done dry because of welding and lubricants would contaminate the weld. The loops were tig welded with argon shielding gas on the inside of the pipe,the backside on the loop cut 3mm excess which when welded forms a welded rivet on the backside. The netting is done with 1,5mm dyneema with 200kg line strength,the line goes over under over etc.Attaching the line was done with clamps from pap and the end locked in place with a thru splice on the end to stop the line from slipping.Its tight as a guitar string and can take the weight of a person.The frame will actually start flexing instead of the dyneema when pushing on the net.
    • Not all training overseas is on a beach, but the beach really has some great benefits! When training on a beach with a sea breeze we were able to fly, even as learners with more wind than would be ok inland (because hardly any turbulence or gusting). Strong, but laminar wind actually makes training easier as take offs and landing are slower, plus you also get used to kiting in more wind. Then you need to learn kiting and flying in more turbulent wind. Lucky for me, my training in Spain also included inland flying on airfields. I will also add that learning nil wind launch on a very hot evening.......you have to run like a gazelle! Back in the UK, learning to fly on my own I just initially picked days when the wind was ok for me. Slowly, practice and confidence builds and more gusting becomes ok. 
    • I am a new PPG interest and will be taking my flying course in a month or two. Age 59, athletic and in good physical condition. I would like to know if the Ozone Spyder is ok for a first time pilot. I am also looking to buy the Nitro 200 with one of the Titanium frames. (not selected yet). I hope to get info from this site as i do not have anyone close that Paramotors to ask questions to .
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