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  1. Hi Simon, this sound cool. just the day or a stop over?
  2. Hi, most farmers like to be straight to the point and don't mess them about. They are good people if you just tell them what you would like them to help you with.
  3. Andy B, Sorry to here the reason why you can't go and i hope it all goes well for you. Thank you very much you made my month
  4. Calling all people going to Bore chaser. If any one on the list can't go please call me so i can go fly. Enjoyed this weekend so much as got my first flight and all you helpful people are really kind. The fire pit is so friendly to have a chat and the food is good too. oh tel 07974403766 cheers people. Angles of the sky.
  5. Well done mate sound like you enjoyed it
  6. Hi boys and girls. Can't wait hope this week go's quickly ?
  7. Hi Steve thanks for your message :)




    1. johnboy2008


      Hi every one, just had amazing flight to day in Somerset, amazing because just done my first 1 hour flight really love it

      no problems nice landing and waited two weeks to get a flight, its a dream come true,  can't wait for fly in gonna be

      wicked. night all.

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