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  1. Hi Folks Just to let you know I sold the reserve on Ebay - sorry I've not seen some messages - don't visit PMC site regularly enough. Regards and thanks Raidan.
  2. Hi All Sorry for the lack of reply. I don't visit PMC site much and since the messages aren't pushed to my email, I don't see them until I visit for a reason - as I did this morning to take down a reserve parachute I've sold that is still advertised here that somebody asked me about. Does anybody know how that enquiry about the reserve goes through to my email but posts don''t? Simon W? Any idea? Still haven't resolved (or been flying at all frankly due to this lovely weather at the time of year) the nil wind issue. It is an Ozone Speedster. Much appreciate the feedback. I've tried all the usual. It just doesn't come up like a light crispy wing. Reminds me of my APCO Simba PG wing back in the early 2000's. APCO was much heavier than what I was used to because they put a layer of UV protection on. Just made it that much harder to flick up above your head in nil wind and you had to run harder/ commit more. Less expensive to abort when running at full speed without a motor on your back at full chat! Scary if you are on a cliff launch though. Had to get used to it though for competition. I think if I was flying regularly/ every week I'd probably nail the Speedster but I fly very rarely lately. Probably won't get out flying for a while due to weather but when I do I'm advised by a friend to try his new Dudek Reportair which apparently changed everything and he enjoys flying again. Will update when I have any news. Regards and thanks Raidan
  3. Hi Greg Just stumbled upon this post replying to something else and you reminded me that I have a spare set of the MICROAVIONICS MP001A PM-100 mounted on a small Icaro helmet if you want it. I bought as part of a second-hand bundle with a big Nirvana Paramotor which I planned to fly tandem in the Worlds here in Blighty. The dream turned to dust and the tandem idea has gone out of the window completely. Probably because I suddenly woke up from the dream and realised it was not a good idea to put BOTH parents of our child at risk under the quite dangerously demanding task of flying in a comp not to mention the Worlds! I also have the same helmet/ headset. What I would say is that I completely understand where Icaro are coming from if they say that because it would would pretty obviously reduce the effectiveness of a helmet in a direct, hard hit if the helmet is not flush-fitting to the head. I question the comfort of flying with the headset under your helmet too and you'd probably have to go for a larger size helmet to fit it thus when you find the headset is uncomfortable after a while of flying (mine becomes uncomfortable even without the headset underneath after an hour or more so I can't imagine if there was a headset under there). Then there's the issue of not being able to flip up the ear defenders... I am not sure you can do that on the inside fitting set. It basically means you're unable to communicate to people around you once you have helmet on for take-off. With the outside mounted headset each defender can be popped up separately away from your ear. I take off with one popped up just in case there are screams from humans on earth because you've got a stick in your line or cravat or any other issue. Now that you've mentioned it I'll dig out the spare set and put it up for sale. I'm open to any offers for a quick sale. I seem to remember it wasn't in pristine condition. Will post pics when I've got it out and it's not 4am! Also, you want to ask yourself how much you'll be using a radio. I've never used a radio. Not allowed in competition which I was interested in briefly for a while and also for recreational flying just couldn't be bothered with the faff of another thing to charge, plug-in, carry etc and I don't like chatting in the air so the radio option is pointless for me... PPG is my escape from the earthly world:-). I have however used it with music from spotify on my phone a couple of times which is nice but not loud enough if you want to really get into the music. You'd need a separate mini-amp to really enjoy some banging tunes. Thus I haven't really bothered with music. Knowing what I know now, I'd have just got a slim fitting, good quality set of just ear defenders. And finally - I also have a small issue with the size of the MICROAVIONICS MP001A PM-100 with my high-hangpoint Nirvana (rue the day I ever got high hangpoints!). It is wide enough to impede very free head movement. Not a problem on a low hangpoint PPG though. Hope this helps your choice. Raidan. PS: Oh - just realised your post is at the end of a trail of posts which I just scanned... I totally agree with the cable issue. You have to be very, very careful that they are tucked well and safely away. I always fear the day that they'll ride up out of my shirt and shatter the prop. More added to my hindsight thought on just slim ear defenders as being the way I should have gone. The microphone is a right pain too, catching on the carabiner, further restricting movement and also constantly losing the mic wind-shield after enough rough action with the carabiner. I don't even put a windshield on anymore. The mic also then soon comes loose in its mounting and despite fixing it several times I now just leave it hanging loose. I ever wanted to use it with a radio (not), I'd have to manually lift the mic up to speak.
  4. Hi folks I'm not very up to date with what the kids are buying these days but my racey wing is just not cutting it on nil-wind take-off's. So what if it has 2.183 knots higher speed over an easier wing to launch...? I do not give a monkeys. I just like flying and want to enjoy the same easy take-offs I used to have with my old-fashioned, ultra-easy, Paramania basic, beginner's wing. The field I use is ALWAYS nil wind and I am always alone so it is a right pain to have to re-set up my "drogue chute" (which is what my wing is right now in nil-wind) when it fails. I just need a wing to be able to get up and enjoy flying again. I'm not trying to set world records or be fast. What is the easiest wing to launch today? What makes it worse and more insulting is that I have a monster powered paramotor with lots of experience now so it should not be an issue. Thanks in advance R
  5. Whatever you do, DO NOT try to glue metal leading edges on the prop! My first microlighting adventure back in the 90's was a 5 day trek across the Kalahari Desert (called the Kalahari Bundu Bash, if you ever want to do an amazing adventure) and my esteemed pilot (I was filming) - who happens to be an engineer par excellance (and now great friend and sail-around-the-world-sailor), put metal leading edges on his 3 blade prop. We took a test flight before starting the 5 day trek and within minutes one of the leading edges had shot off right through the wing. We had to land out in the desert due to an un-balanced prop. The forces at near the speed of sound cannot be under estimated.
  6. Hi folks I bought this when I was on a campaign to fly tandem in the World Championship which never happened. Been stored in a cool, dark place. Never been used and by that I mean never even been put in a flying kit. Thus basically brand new. Bought it for £370.00 but open to any offers just so somebody who needs it can get it. Regards and thanks Raidan
  7. Sorry I missed that. Just saw it now. Would have been a bus man's holiday for me☺
  8. Hi Pilots Seems we'll get some flying... for those that have a paramotor that actually starts! Mine died on Sunday which is not nice. Got some plans and advice on how to hopefully fix it today/ tomorrow. If not, I'll bring me wetsuit! The bore times are also at rather conveniently social times too! Bit of brekkie and away. If you can fly. Seems we're opposite Newnham on Severn... FRIDAY 8TH - 4 STAR - 10.1M NEWNHAM ON SEVERN - 08:29 / 20:51 EPNEY - 09:09 / 21:31 SEVERN BORE INN - 09:22 / 21:44 MINSTERWORTH - 09:29 / 21:51 STONEBENCH - 09:44 / 22:06 OVERBRIDGE - 10:04 / 22:26 MAISEMORE - 10:10 / 22:32 SATURDAY 9TH - 4 STAR - 10.2M / 10.1M NEWNHAM ON SEVERN - 09:12 / 21:31 EPNEY - 09:52 / 22:11 SEVERN BORE INN - 10:05 / 22:24 MINSTERWORTH - 10:12 / 22:31 STONEBENCH - 10:27 / 22:46 OVERBRIDGE - 10:47 / 23:06 MAISEMORE - 10:53 / 23:12 SUNDAY 10TH - 4 STAR - 10.0M / 3 STAR 9.7M NEWNHAM ON SEVERN - 09:52 / 22:11 EPNEY - 10:32 / 22:51 SEVERN BORE INN - 10:45 / 23:04 MINSTERWORTH - 10:52 / 23:11 STONEBENCH - 11:07 / 23:26 OVERBRIDGE - 11:27 / 23:46 MAISEMORE - 11:33 / 23:53
  9. Nice Work! Funny - I was just thinking about that while flying yesterday. Would be great to do some XC tasks with fellow pilots. It's not my neck of the woods so I don't know any spots. Regards and thanks R
  10. I'm IN! What is the "Holiday let" accommodation, Simon? Regards and looking forward Raidan
  11. Great news! Thanks - will be watching! Regards Raidan
  12. Hey Steve I'm not sure. But I wouldn't be surprised. That's why it is best to talk about public sites in private because we lost Telscombe Tye near Brighton due to disrespectful behaviour. I think the key with a gem of a site like that is to take off and get out away fast to not disturb the locals. Our sport is fascinating and a great novelty to watch but if it becomes an endless noise of low flying wagga then it goes without saying that it will be banned. Still searching. Let's get Wisley Aerodrome! I'm dead keen on that one. Regards and happy New Year partyyyyyy R
  13. Great stuff, thanks DanTheMan! Shout when you're next heading there. I'll meet you. What is that rather impressive circle/ active archaeological dig (?) on the North side? Doesn't say on the map. Love a bit of history when flying... and that very, very impressive "garden" with some cryptic writing in the hedges. What does it mean? Regards and here's hoping this wind dies down ASAP! My Nirvana is calling, nay SHOUTING to get out. I've just read H is for Hawk (must read for us aviators) and I think my Nirvana is like a goshawk who hasn't been flown for weeks! Not to mention the ol' PAP that is crying to finish being run in! Grrr the anticipation in the PPG Dodds Family R
  14. Thanks Cas Sorry for the delay folks - is there a way to get replies pushed to my email, Simon? Would help me get on a reply and show a bit more respect! Yup, that is in airspace:-/ Might not have been you - I'm sure it was Woking Common or summat. I've been outstandingly busy at work so not had time to keep up the search-for-site momentum... and with the weather not helping, PPG has taken a bit of a back seat... or should I say the other day I finally had to relent and take my unpacked wing off the back seat and finally pack it after it's been sitting there for months waiting for weather! The family were getting tired of sitting under a wing! But I still want to make a sensible approach to the Wisley Aerodrome folks. I'll get my ducks in a row and push to make that a take-off site. It seems like a no-brainer that such a huge AERODROME isn't being used at least by us. Confusing weather forecasting today and tomorrow looks like it might actually be do-able in the South East - are you flying today and tomorrow, Simon? Sadly I don't think I can make NY day. Regards and happy festive this and that. R
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