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  1. I spoke to Nigel who serviced it last week. He did a cracking job
  2. Any ideas where I can get a 50 hour service and tune up for my Moster? Preferebly as close as possible to Basingstoke/Newbury. Thanks
  3. They have had paramotors there a few years ago, but nothing recently..I do plan on going when the weather improves.
  4. It's based just on the outskirts of Reading, to the west. You need a 2 way radio, but just to speak to the guys on the field, not any RAF bases.
  5. Jean-Claude, sounds like you have been having some adventures! I did manage to speak to Chiltern Airsports and they are willing to let us fly there. The membership is £200 a year and you need to have PI insurance. I quite like that option as it's a well kept field with facilities. Let me know how it goes with the farmers!
  6. All, I am feeling a bit depressed with the amount of places I can fly from...at the moment I have no LZ available. I am based between Basingstoke/Newbury/Reading. I haven't had any airtime for weeks. Are there any clubs/airfields/fields that anyone could suggest to fly from? I would really appreciate some help (I have contacted all of my local airfields and no one allows PPG ) Many thanks...
  7. Hey all, I'm Gunter from Pamber Heath. (Near Basingstoke/Newbury/Reading) I have been out of the country for a while in Dubai, where I learned to fly in March. I am heading back to Hampshire at the end of the year and wanted to hook up with local pilots for a bit of flying together. I have already met Lee and Barry, made a few friends on Facebook (you know who you are, Simon, Paul...!) I have a new YouTube channel where I have put up a few videos of my training and flying in the UAE, no Tucker Gott stuff here but something to watch for a while https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHWjzRisgXpz-W5dt-W7KTA?view_as=subscriber So if you are local to me, and fancy a flying buddy soon, please say hi!
  8. I am a beginner, so looking for a wing suitable for up to 120 - 125kg, A or maybe B rated which is good for someone with not many flights behind them. I would really like to collect from somewhere close to Reading or Basingstoke as I am leaving the country Friday. Willing to drive a couple of hours! Pls text or whatsapp 07748 646803. Thanks.
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