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  1. I can definitely do this, and am available. please consider me as serious applicant
  2. I don’t want the Mrs getting access to the shop... she will see the real prices of stuff I buy!
  3. Parajet Maverick Atom80 - £4000 Here's a bargain for somebody that wants the lightest possible paramotor for a fantastic price. I bought a brand new vittorazi Atom engine 2 months ago from CMP, and have fitted it to a used maverick frame that has some minor damage that's fixed. Engine Brand new, it's done it's break in procedure and then two flights totaling 1.5hrs. I have decided I prefer my moster so rather than put more hours on it's up for sale. The lightest, and most fuel efficient motor on the market. It genuinly feels weightless on your back. It burns at about 2
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