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  1. think they were flying out of park farm on Hadley road
  2. blue wing flying low over farmland just south of the ridgeway, close to the potters bar junction of the M25, landed in a farm field ?
  3. Mersea is an awesome site for flying, going to be a great comp.
  4. Hope you make a speedy and complete recovery old chap and get back in the air where you belong, all the best. Dave.
  5. yes its been done a few times, think the reason its not been done more is there is a mountain of red tape to plough through before you can go ahead, you are crossing a border after all.
  6. and how much do these machines cost and where would one buy one?
  7. competition cover? what about flying from public land?
  8. lol will your continuing insurance cover depend on your continuing PMC membership ?
  9. Thanks Si, but wheres my other questions gone?
  10. what about those that took the alternate entry route to get the BHPA power rating?
  11. http://www.flyproducts.it/manuali/manua ... 80_ENG.pdf
  12. aint that a good thing Jack? surely if someone is flying like a twat and creating a negative image of our sport then the sooner the error of their ways is pointed out to them the better.
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