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  1. cheap equils cheap, import duties on everything will cripple you , AND most importantly, there NOT forgiving for the new pilot, the way theyre designed, i cant imagine theyll take much of a hard landing, what are the chances of a rivit popping out that plastic tank on thre first knock , for a first time pilot , look at the bulldog frame, it will last you forever ,
  2. my first thought " is there money down the back of that sofa "
  3. im hoping mine just renews like any other insurance unless notified otherwise,. however , are we up the creek without a paddle if axa can no longer service us with insurance to fly.
  4. D G Morris

    D G Morris

  5. wouldnt it be easier just to connect a safety line that looks like a red emergency pull chord under your harness shoulder straps what will ripp off the spark plug cap when pulled
  6. I agree. Motul. 710 is advertised as low smoke. Oily engine is probably a side effect.
  7. Thanks, guys, it was a bit of both, low rpm not burning oil quick enough and low jet adjustment.I reset the metering lever, modded the butterfly and put the low screw 1/8th out, beautiful mid-range hum now, still a bit 4 stroky on idle but better than it was, Temps hovering around 220, still not learned the starting technique.
  8. so I've just rebuilt my top end with new everything, put in fresh petrol and Motul 710 oil, I have bedded in with 4, 5-minute warmups to start with, and then stripped it back to check everything still within the specs.Upon stripping it I find everything coated an awful black two stroke oil, its as if the carbon has been absorbed by the oil,I guess this is by way of the oil being promoted as a smoke-free oil but if it builds up even more when I'm running it for an hour or so in the air then where is all this oils gonna go and I'm getting oil spray on my prop,ugly mess,im thinking I should get a carb seal kit and service the carb,,oh , runnung at 40-1.so my question is .is it normal for thease mosters to spit out soo much two stroke.
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