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  1. I will probably either change holder of LED to face to right for better viewing. I am waiting to see if my very basic soldering and logic works I may using your idea if I find that my components work. I did not spend a great deal on this lol. Do you find the photoresistor copes ok. My logic is for it just to be there as a reminder if fuel burn ends up being higher than planned.
  2. Update Never rely on tech. A GPS is great but not a replacement for map or good knowledge off area you are travelling. Just a little project when bored on tea break. Cost minimal, light weight may work may not ?. Anyway fitted to motor and tested on empty tank then changing light level seem ok. The pontensiometer may need tweaking and tested outside in the light of day. Vid3.mp4
  3. Reserve Fuel Indicator Thinking back to my early motorcycling days reserve was always a great way to remind you were getting low on fuel. Long before modern tech took over. Ok not sure if people would want to have this feature on a Paramotor? I know some people carry a mirror low tech but effective, but if flying condition have changed and maybe letting go of controls not the best option. I know you can buy this off the shelf but if you have some spare time and like to tinker and with a bit of common sense. With some cheap components you can do if fairly easily and low cost. My logic is a quick easy visual led. My logic if you feed the LED indication lead over the shoulder in the harness reserve bridle flap, at a glance you would see if LED is on indicating fuel has pasted reserve level you set. Small black rod would easily fix on frame next to fuel tank placing the photo resistor against tank or put photo sensor in cap and velcro to tank. I will try it out let you know how I get on :) if i works I will post all the list of all components and how I made it. Cost so far about £10 Reserve1.mp4
  4. A massive thanks you Simon and his team. A great event with some great flying.
  5. Book me in look forward to another PMC event
  6. Please see the attached image may be useful for a pilot or two
  7. The wing is a Dudek Synth 2 29 (95-140) less than handfull of hours max 2hrs
  8. Hi All Take the mount out of the Go Pro Box cut the excess plastic off. Warm with hot air gun mold to flying boot drill some lace holes lace to boot was bored at lunchtime so came up with this:) Recommend backup tether GoPro for flight a concept ? For you flyers out there.
  9. I will keep the thread updated if items sell.
  10. That is correct pulls over shoulder fine and clutch
  11. Updated old advert still have motor and wing for sale. Parajet V3 Polini 190 Light Clutch . Dudek Synthesis 2 29 2 year old less that 5hrs flying stunning condition all accessories as supplied when new rucksack, manual ect (I have had to carry out one small sticky patch repair very minor very small snag on the lower surface 5p coin size near wing tip) Regards Papster
  12. Yes it is still for sale only been flown twice hand over at dealer 15mins and test flight by myself. I am open to any genuine offer PM me with offer if you are interested. A serious saving on new.
  13. until

    I would say yes its a great place to see a lot of manufacturers and dealers to look at different kit available as you are looking for kit. You also get to meet lots of pilots from all over the country always good for contacts and advice. There is always so very nice kit being sold privately (always get advice from instructor or experienced pilot as to its suitability before buying off the field).
  14. It is the Polini 190 light clutch if you click on the google link in the first post you should be director to goodle folder with images in. https://www.parajet.com/volution and scroll to Thor 190 Light
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