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  1. hI SIMON just got full membership today , Im still in training . so does this mean id have entry on Friday and will be able to fly Thanks Garry
  2. Just ground handling , only had 2 lessons , was hard last night no wind foward launches , but yes enjoying it all down to how much effort and time put in down at the field
  3. Great topic and read , just started my training a week ago and was worried about the exact same things as you Dave but ive took the plunge and cant wait to get in the air, hopefully there will be other pilots leicester area wlling to meet up . best of luck Dave
  4. Hi Colin hows it going ?, I'm based in birstall and was looking for local pilots close to myself as Im new to this hobby and thinking about committing myself to the training. Are you still flying and do you get many flights in because of the British weather ? Been down to clive mason seems the best option for training. Hope to speak soon thanks Garry
  5. Hi all thanks for letting me join the group , really interested in getting into the hobby/ sport of paramotoring . I'm based in Leicester so just starting to look for prices and places to train thanks guys/ girls
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