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  1. Thanks Alan, I might try that. Was there anyone in the forum that was doing that for a little fee? I thought I saw something but cannot find it anymore. Thanks and Best, Maiko
  2. Thank you Simon! Unfortunately none of the previous threads seem to address the specific cable I have, the first one has a similar one but not the same. Unless I am missing something I can't find the answer in any existing threads. Any tips or anybody that can help?
  3. I bought a used helmet & headset and I am looking to buy the BaoFeng radio. However, I have cannot seem to find an adaptor for the current cable fitted to the helmet and I am not certain on how it is even called (DIN 5?). I have attached a picture of the cable and the radio I am trying to connect it to. Any idea how I can do this without replacing the headset? Thanks everyone!
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