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Bore Chasers Spring 2020

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Unbelievably it looks as though we will be able to use the Bore Chase site again!!! :-):-) ( I was convinced we had our last event there!!! ) 

We are going to have to do a couple of things differently (below) 

A) We will be collecting for a local charity :-)

B) We will be adding a small fee for 'camping' which will go directly to the land owners thus increasing their reason to put up with us (and the complaints that follow after we have gone) :-)

So at a guess, it will cost around £20 for paid members which will include £10 for camping + £10 for charity. Visiting guests (non members) will also be asked for the normal £20 to support future club events :-)

 Dates TBC but I wanted to let those of you know who kept asking if it was a go / no go. :-):-)



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Great news Simon, I hope i can get on the event this year as I missed it due to being full last couple of years. Ill keep checking for sign up details this year. I had a terrific time at the summer fly in this year. btw

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