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  1. Alan, I hope you go there properly dressed.
  2. Sorry Mark - there are no true Cornish 'Posh' people this end of the country. Unless you class the up country 'emmets' that invade us and you come from Bath - say no more. . . . . .
  3. Rich - certainly agree with the glide on the S3, with certain weather conditions it feels like you're flying a paragliding wing - it just goes on and on. Glad you're OK too - chin up (maybe not) Tony
  4. Andy. Sorry to hear this and hope all goes well with the Op Plenty more planning can be done - makes an even better trip in 2022 Tony
  5. I also have a MSuper EUC. Last year I went to Lands End and back home again - over 2 nights and went 150 miles mostly tracks and small lanes. Great little adventure, a lot along the South Coast - no flying though A few guys take them to PMC Fly-ins (not sure if it pisses some people off, but OK when it's not flyable) Tony
  6. Expensive, but cheaper than a camper van i guess I did hear they were cold when the wind is blowing a bit!!
  7. Would have been great if he had a crane out of sight which lifted him in the air with legs dangling etc Check out his website - does it insight newbies for training or not?
  8. Sorry to hear Andy. Just proves to all of us 'not if it happens - it's when it happens' I've had two so far, but luckily I was high enough to pick a good field. After you're alright - hope the engine is OK Tony
  9. Really impressed with the distance you carried your kit to be honest. I can't even manage 100 metres My TO's are about 50/50 so that's pretty good, but it is great to keep a record and hopefully watch the stats improve. Awesome - keep it up. Tony Getting close to one of the longest training threads. I read over mine a few months ago and still brings back memories - all good too.
  10. I've only had 5 flights on my new wing with all this going on- so hoping to get a lot more in next year too. See you next year then
  11. and the South coast - on a good day free membership in the post I think next summer the club is really going to grow in all aspects of flying at the club. Instructor in paramotoring - bonus Instructor in flexwing - OK ish Tony
  12. Where do you live? We have a large active flying club (when we can ) at Davidstow, which is near Tintagel. PM me if you're interested or go to our FB page and website for more info davidstowflyingclub.org All are welcome - from GA planes, microlights to Powered Hang Gliders, even PPG'ers Tony
  13. Best option would be both farmers get together for a beer and decide that they can land and take off, up to 28 days a year and the other one can have access to the land - both win win Happy days.
  14. I guess the other approach (not my option) - hire a van for kit and a people carrier. Main thing, as you said, is get the heads together first
  15. OK, mine is a fitted campervan I guess solo for me, with the motors and sleeping arrangements. If too many , we could split into two groups and meet up at good locations!!! - just a thought.
  16. I've driven up the West coast, Appleby and around Isle of Skye - Awesome place Have you capped the number of pilots/vehicles, if not, any room for a small campervan? Tony
  17. Andy How many days are you planning for the circular trip??
  18. You would all have to buy Stu's 'StuFly' first.
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