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  1. asquaddie

    Pmc coast run.

    Don't forget you have Touristy South beaches Bodmin Moors which is dotted with old architectural North Coastal with the high rugged cliffs, smaller beaches
  2. asquaddie

    PMC Coast run.

    Is there an easy way to tell when it expires?
  3. asquaddie

    Pmc coast run.

    Sounds great. Hope the grass is cut this time.
  4. Makes me want to go to Scotland.😄
  5. asquaddie

    Parajet V3 Fuel Prime Pump

    That's a good spot. How old is your machine?
  6. and mine is not Some days I just don't do it because of my back. After two or three days of continuous flying - I need a break. Most days I just have 5-6 Litres in the tank - keeps the wait down a bit. Maybe I need a Nitro too ... I think I am just waiting until my back (or knees) finally give up and I'll move onto a Peabee (if funds are available that is) Andy - Doesn't matter what we fly - at least we are still flying
  7. Andy. I still have mine and happy with it. Solid as a rock (saying in a loose form of words) Just need to get the technique right and only do it once If not, then I have a 15-minute breather
  8. asquaddie

    Padstow Flyer

    We were in the middle restaurant - I forgot the name of the place. Sitting at the 'Outside Bar' looking out. We just came back from a walk to Daymer Bay and back. Then decided to stop for a bite to eat before heading off home. Surprised you never brought your motor down this time. Weather has been lovely in the evenings. Hope the holiday is going well. Tony
  9. asquaddie

    What are we about?

    😣 sounds like an accident waiting to happen here.
  10. asquaddie

    Padstow Flyer

    Patrick I thought I would have an evening off yesterday and went for a meal with the wife at Rock (only burger and chips). Looking out over the estuary (1845hrs) and saw the same!!! Blue and white wing, not sure what type. Note: Not jealous, just having a quiet meal with the wife Before the PMC flying Weekend Tony
  11. Andy Have a chat with Clive at CM Paramotors. I know he takes spares with him to the fly-ins. I buy my gasket's from him with no problems. Tony
  12. asquaddie

    Residual evening thermals - A cautionary tale

    Well, let's hope we don't get one of those...... It looked unrecoverable if it was not user induced.
  13. asquaddie


    Andy - You don't need Facebook then
  14. asquaddie


    You can always use the 'telephone' and phone all your mates and try and arrange something? - Good luck
  15. asquaddie

    Parajet Falco Trike

    Guys Just started a topic, so in the future, if someone does a search on Falco they will come to this topic and maybe get in touch with me So, I'm doing a bit of forwarding research on the Falco Trike and hoping someone has just/thinking of purchasing one and gets in touch with me. Cheers Tony
  16. asquaddie

    Any recommendations?

    PM sent.
  17. asquaddie

    Any recommendations?

    I've PM'd Jay already, so hoping to meet up soon Tony
  18. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Need another few opinions, please? Is this the start of the dreaded Moster 185+ cracking exhaust syndrome or just the outer shell (ha! ha!) What's the fix Tony
  19. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Richard. I did watch him and he did all around the crack and then tig weld. He did not drill holes I think.
  20. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    fed him with £25.
  21. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    A friend of a friend told me about a welder close by. The best in the South West..... He sounded very knowledgeable and welded the exhaust as below. All looks good, just wondering if there is a second skin and was it intact!!! Richard - Your first photo looks the same - I guess that was just tig welded too.
  22. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Not sure what I am saying to be honest. It just looks like two folded pieces on top, so I was guessing it must be a double layer!!! Thanks for that.
  23. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Richard Sorry to say, your motor looks really poorly. Thank you for the photos, now mine doesn't look so bad. The positive side for me is I've caught it early on, so hoping for a quick fix (motor and I) Tony
  24. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Lufthansi, Thanks for the video. Not sure how long I take to warm up the engine, to be honest, but I know that I do warm it up (maybe not for 3 mins on idle). Nice video to watch afterward's Tony
  25. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust bracket Failure

    Do you think the cause was over tightening of the nut?