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JUNE Fly-in.


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I really really hope Metcheck are wrong as its suddenly looking shite for the whole weekend :cry:

Wins the prize for the most depressing message on the forum :D

Cheer up you grump!


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If the forecast had no rain just sun, it could also be blowing 15mph and you could not fly, if you look at

Accuweather today for oxford, is fine all day with a shower this evening.

A couple of showers tomorrow, but the wind is lovely all weekend, light gentle reverse launch.

you will get some good flights in


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For those of you thar can't go to the fly-in just a quick update on the story so far.

The weather was pretty unsettled yesterday (Friday) but SW had been up before I got there at 4-30pm.

When I left Simon F (Learner driver), Stuart (Slim) and Dan the man had been up for a flight.

A few others were turning up as I left, including RAF Colin who failed his navigation test and we had to go out and find him!.

Looking forward to meeting lots of people this weekend and putting faces to the names.

Party time tonight.


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Probably not going to make it today, got the Van loaded but apart from being a fair weather petal dick, I got a million things to be doing and works always easier when its raining outside! I will be coming down tomorrow to join the club and say hi though.

Hope you get a break in the weather today, have fun and C YA tomorrow.


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Come on down, the weather is clearing up and the beer is lovely....had a super flight last night with SLIM

the field is filling up, very nice site, follow the directions on the farm website, not your satnav


The boys sheltering, also winners of the longest distance to the fly-in (from Saudi):shock:


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Ditto here in sunny Kent, so kit loaded and making the most of it from afar!!

Was going to drive across and say hi.................but, well you know when the weather beckons....................

Hope the weather gives you lot the chance to get up there today!?


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I was always going today, but thought I'd missed any chance of flying and it would be a social looking, at the forecast. Decided to take the gear, as good often follows bad weather.

Everything worked out, I had a lovely flight around Oxford catching thermals with the engine off, chatted with plenty of old and new faces, and made it home so see family, as agreed!

Thanks all - hope to see many of you around Weymouth?



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Simon - thanks for organising a superb weekend. I'm a fair weather flier and still managed to have silky flights on all three days. Also

thanks to the farm for their hospitality, real ale & BBQ was really nice.

here is the pic of the farm that won me some free beer


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I'd like to echo my thanks to Simon and everybody else involved in making the fly-in such an enjoyable event. Even though I could only manage today (sunday) I had a great time.

It's nice to meet like minded pilots as well and cheers for all your advice guys!

Special thanks to Pete B for breathing life into my poor Rad Arrow. I had a great evening flight (if cold) which would not have been possible otherwise.

I've also learnt heaps about my machine and whilst still no mechnical mastermind (and never will be) it does give me a better chance of diagnosing problems in the future.

Realised though that I've dinked the tips of my prop somehow, got no idea how but spotted it in a post flight check!


Mark C

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yep echo echo, to all. what a brilliant day. Two great flights, a hearty lunch from the farm, and a fantastic group of people to mix with.

Mark C, good that you got your motor sorted and got to fly. Dave (Outcast) hope you get your fuel/jet prob sorted. Big Simon, you need a bigger wing, felt sorry for all your running effort today and not get airborne. Paul Sayer, good to catch up with you in the air and also good to see Kay take to the air once again. Pete B, glad to see you still smiling and on the mend.

Regards Mike.

P.S. to the last few that new (car keys) got in at 0130 and now off to bed, thanks for the beers Ken, much appreciated. 8):)

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Thanks for the thanks, but 'It's the Pilots that make the party!' so, thanks to everyone who came.

The owner of the site is more than happy for us to use it again. They sold all of their beer and food.

Next Fly-in, same venue. in a couple of months time.

Again THANKS!!!!!!


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What a fab weekend. Shame that fence post was in the middle of the field though...


After a careful kit check the damage list is now:

  • Slightly bent cage section - easily fixed
    Two sections of cage netting wrecked - easily replaced
    Airbox split - probably fixable
    Exhaust pipe split - need a new one - time for an upgrade
    Prop in pieces - need a new one - time for an upgrade
    Pilot - no damage but need a replacement anyway ;-)
    Wing - no damage
    Harness - no damage
    Fence post - ooops :-)

See you all when I've saved up my pennies for a new prop and exhaust!


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