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  1. Ahh, we crossed Simon. Sorry. I will leave this post here.
  2. leoibb, You are quite right, there is no insurance policy available to protect the incompetent or those that do not exercise a duty of care - except an airline ticket out of the country. Insurance policies generally cover third party liability for damage to property and legal fees in the event a defence needs to be mounted after a claim is made against you. If you can prove competence and that you exercised a duty of care then you are on firm ground. This costs money and that cash comes from your insurers if you are covered for that risk. Your question might not be,"can you make me safe fro
  3. I doubt it leoibb but that is amatter for Simon, and your point is?
  4. leoibb, She is a QC so it could cost you an arm and a leg! 'Would hate to see that happen, physically or metaphorically.
  5. Thanks Dan, it will take time to roll the whole thing out but it should be worth the wait.
  6. I have just updated the CIs heads-up PDF flagged on the first page of this thread. If you are using this it please download the new file using the PDF 'button'. Several manual pages have been added. Ta.
  7. I don't make reference to (PMC) Lawyers specifically leoibb. I don't own the PMC or have any financial part in it. This is Simon's Club, I help out with the washing and ironing. One more thing to add, as we all know well, in the insurance world like any other, you get what you pay for. Third Party cover can be sketchy and the small print needs reading. After the small print has done its job the Loss Adjusters move it to limit the underwriters liability if he can. There is no such thing as a guarantee with insurance, we get the best cover we can for a reasonable price don't we? Does any oth
  8. Leoibb, I wonder what sort of reply you would get if you asked the BHPA for the names of their lawyers so that you could "check out" the quality of their legal advice? Please read this in a gentle voice, I am not trying to beat you with it. LOL I would question this statement. An organisation's administrative structure is something that is examined very closely during litigation for the quality of advice it offers and the way in which it leads the players to act etc. There are several ways of looking at this. If we write nothing down, then lawyers can have a field day with the absence o
  9. Hi Gary, What you say is really interesting and conforms to a pattern I have heard others discuss. I can't comment too much as I have limited personal experience of the BHPA and do not wish to enter a destructive circle of criticism, claim and counter claim. What I will say is that some of the contact I have had with them has been very positive, some less so. I can't see a point in the future where I would join but hey ... As for the BMAA, I hear nothing but good about them. As I understand it you are correct. They were unsure about the whole business of PPG, had problems administering their
  10. LOL, I hope Gary doesn't think I was being grumpy. The weakness of the written word is that you don't get a tone from it. I hope I am reading this right but... the BMAA like the BHPA are just organisations that have grown and become familiar. Their 'licenses' are just pieces of paper like everyone else's representing a course of training with a competency test at the end of it. It is licensing authorities, government departments that issue licenses, the rest issue certificates of competence as judged by 'officers of the company'. PPG requires no license in the UK as we all know, you can
  11. We have had a few posts regarding validity, they raise interesting questions and the threads answer the questions raised. If you wander around for long enough looking for someone to endorse what you do you will find the road to nowhere. We don't issue licenses as such, we certificate our pilots. It is an internal matter but recognition from national authorities and governing bodies generally comes for any organisation that demonstrates competence and properly administers a decent system of training and qualification. It's never the piece of paper is it Gary- it's what's behind it?
  12. Hi Guys, Here is a PDF which provides a prospectus for PMC Mentor Courses.
  13. The CAA do not recognizes any PPG training body. Training is not required to fly a PPG, the CAA do not get involved with PPG matters unless they have legal reasons to do so. That is how I understand the current state of play from CAA Flight Ops department.
  14. Just picking up on Mark's comment above about the power of teaching as an aid to learning. This graphic is used during the CSM as an illustration of a number of things but look at where teaching sits in the scheme of things... If you teach - you learn big time. A point to note, Mentors do not charge for their service, they do it for the love of the sport and the desire to help people make it into the air. We keep the cost of the Mentors course to an absolute minimum to help them along. More info to follow...
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