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  1. Are the CAA aware your flying a trike without a license? the point i think we are trying to make Neil your actions reflect on all of us that fly across the board
  2. what time can we turn up and when we gotta leave?
  3. Oh well we knew it was coming! Maybe one more seafront run before it comes into affect
  4. Yes this correct 600ft is the max height given by the control tower http://youtu.be/bNqa4g2OR_U May be you need an altimeter than This is also my last post
  5. Andreas your opening shot of your video you are in direct line of Southend airports approach!! The control tower had my number and whenever we flew the area (not the approach) we would contact them when we took off and again when we landed, they called us one day asking if we knew anyone flying in the area as they are hovering in front of the approach I drove down and you had just landed. Don't you have an air map? I don't have a problem with you personally but come on mate stuff like that is what this is all about its not good for any of us
  6. That's funked it for sure! I think the red wing was the wing seen over Cornwall it didn't say colour of wing in southends near miss
  7. There's only 1 of 3 people it can be Neilzy Rick or Andreas! No one else flies in that area
  8. Cheers guys but i got it sorted from Vince now @ custom air his got them instock and next day delivery
  9. Any know who stocks top80 spares or walbro carb spares? i dont think sky dragons are about any more??
  10. Is that monkey doing sign language for "100 foot high"
  11. Such a good video!! caught the pure essence of our sport, music is bang on aswell definetly US & THEM
  12. Are you sure it wasnt the 20:45 landing at Cardiff! Those 747 planes have got lights on em
  13. Bloody marvelous! Topped off with Pink floyd
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