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  1. Mdr says And you saw all this yourself... (In the dark lol) Lighted up wings are hard to miss on a dark night
  2. perhaps this is not the place to winge about paramotor pilots upsetting anybody .....all I am trying to say is inconsiderate flying is only going to result in one thing.....and it wont be for our benefit.....nuff said
  3. Night flying, ( in the Dark ) herding sheep in lambing time , following trains ect ect ect MATE
  4. So......From all these replies its a big joke all this illegal flying is just high spirits and shenanigins.... But lets look at the bigger picture even if it is for a fleeting moment Paramotoing is getting a bad name because of flying like this and licensing and insurance and identification ie wing registration will follow .....this type of flying needs stamping out now Lots of other incidents and also law breaking went on at this gathering of the flying circus last weekend I wont go into detail unless provoked ! I always keep some ammunition untill req But what get me is most of this flying was filmed with self incriminating videos and pictures scattered all over the internet.....the perpetrators are not even clever enough to hide their bad airmanship.......they boast about it...... I for one want to have unlicensed fun free of all the paperwork so please lets behave ( a bit )
  5. Well Done you know who you are........Flying like this can only help get us all banned Its a beautiful place to fly sensibly NOT fly like a.... FU*KIN... idiot But hey you dont care you wont come again.......if you do watch out
  6. Rear ones.....! you will find if you use the front ones when you apply the speed bar your upper torso will naturally lean backwards pointing the prop downwards......if you go through the rear ones near your bum/Arse.... you will find you can achieve a easier push of the speedbar more leverage and stay upright and be able to hold the pressure much more easy for long periods
  7. ptwizz said Glass reinforced nylon! Still looks perfect on the outside after the glass strands inside have failed. Like a helmet, you'd want to replace it if you had a bump. I say ..........( A bit like aluminium then )
  8. No Keep away from all that Steel ..........Whats needed is a ( PLASTIC FRAME ) # http://www.skytoy.com/paramotors.html [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]
  9. I am not saying anything else on the subject So dont try and tempt me to answer in fact I wont even check the posts on this subject anymore just so ( I DONT GO OFF ON ONE ) trying to explain why a paramotor wing wont stall on power alone GONE
  10. Let me worry about it... Ive said what I know will happen and Ive said my "piece" on the subject
  11. Exept that You can see clearly the trailing edge is being pulled down ! this will obviously stall the wing
  12. I still maintain a paramotor wing will not stall with power alone....any Brake input whatsoever will stall the wing but if you leave the brakes alone it wont. it will just keep Nodding any video evidence out there that it will stall on power alone let me know
  13. Morgy wrote You should also know coming from PG that more power will not mean more Speed.. the higher the wing loading the more speed More power higher climb rate up to a point... If you have to much power you could stall out the wing also having to much power could cause you to torque to much and get a riser twist... I say Riser twist I would agree with. also the climb rate will be stratospheric ....but to stall out the wing because of too much power Ive got my doubts I dont think a paramotor wing will stall under power only I would have thought that with all the paramotor crashing and accident videos on youtube, vimeo, ect ect somebody somewhere would have captured this on film by now , Ive seen a paramotor trike with a large engine fly off on its own under full power only to go through a series of huge Nods I stand to be corrected or proven wrong .....
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