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  1. alan

    Hull Aero Club Flyin

    We are Simon just getting hacked off with the weather but we will re schedule it any way so hope you can make it cheers Alan. .
  2. alan

    Hull Aero Club Flyin

    Hello all, with only Monday looking remotely like flyable we have decided to cancel and wait for a better weekend sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but the object of a flyin is to fly then talk crap lol. We will post and email you a re arranged event in due coarse cheers.
  3. alan

    Hull Aero Club Flyin

    [bJust had a chat regarding the weather and only Monday is looking flyable we will make a decision lunchtime tomorrow and post it on here if we cancel we will move it to the general flyin in a few weeks time cheers Alan.][/b]
  4. alan

    Hull Aero Club Flyin

    Forward Pete, post code is HU17 5LT, Hull Aero Club, Linley Hill Airfield, Leven, East Yorkshire. ,
  5. Hello all we will be having our first flyin of the year at the Hull Aero Club on the 3,4,5,6 of May. You will be able to camp and fly for the above dates the site has toilets and a club house. There is a 20 pounds flying fee for the whole four days all proceeds raised go to Hull Aero Club which pays towards the cutting of the grass etc on the large field they let us use, cheers Alan. PS if the weather is poor we can move the dates forward to the 26,27,28 of May as there is a general fly in at the airfield.
  6. I actually use all three but what does annoy me Is apples stance on the flash player pretty pathetic in my opinion and the reason I choose SAMSUNG over a new iPhone. A lot of videos need the flash player so until they sort it out i will be sticking with android.
  7. I hope you have learnt from your mistake Clive and next time your engine is overheating don't take it so literally lol.
  8. Completely understandable. If your avarage pear-shaped occurred, one, due to massive and rapid deceleration you'd probably end up dying at the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun. Torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike.... Whereas, the other you'd probably only end up cursing at the bottom of a farmers field, because it meant you'd need to get on the blower and blag a lift home She knows the score Poz, and I think somebody somewhere must be tolling a bell lol
  9. Hello Pete how are you doing we are hoping to catch up with you at the next flyin down south hope you can make it back to our flyin later this year anyway it appears there is more than one high hang point Custom Vince states 3 or 4 but my point was regarding our past experience with the Rad Racket type high hangpoint which is nothing like the weight shift bulldog set up cheers Alan.
  10. I do notice that a lot of people make a big thing regarding low and high point clip in on the machines so I would like to give you my opinion on the motors I have owned. I started on a Parajet Macro which I bought second hand ( low hangpoint) I then bought a brand new Flymecc (low hangpoint) and I now own a Bulldog Moster ( medium high Hangpoint). Going from low to high has not made an apennys difference to me and as we are now training people from our club I am constantly flying other people's equipment(low mainly). My Parajet was a great machine and the only complaint (post owning) was the harness was awful, Parajet have rectified this on their latest machines.I would like to point out their after sales is superb,top company. I swapped to the Flymecc for the low weight of the machine and also longer duration in the air but sacrificing power and the bonus was a comfortable harness my friend still flies this at our club another great machine. The Bulldog Moster is the best of both of my previous machines lots of power like the Parajet but lighter than the Flymecc but on medium high hangpoints which have made no differences apart from adjusting the brake lengths. All the above Paramotors are great machines in my opinion and the latest high hang point machines should not be confused with the old ones a quote from my flying buddy Mark who had previously flown high hang point machines Just out of interest I had a Bailey V5 on my back at the NEC and spoke to Paul Bailey I can't comment on how it flys but it felt great the main reason I did not go for one of these was it was similar thrust output to the Flymecc and as I am not the lightest of people I wanted more thrust. I've never met Morgy but have read plenty of his posts and he does go that extra mile (well he would do he's on a Bailey) to help his customers and others
  11. I went for the Bulldog Moster loads of power the design of the harness so that it adjusts to all sizes is superb. If you are learning on it the parts are probably the cheapest of all the motors if you bash it around, removable fuel tank and it packs down into a small bow and arrow bag, back up is superb and the designer/manufacturer is very knowledgeable. For me this machine ticks all the boxes
  12. Mine is a 1999 with just under 200,000 miles on it Steve.
  13. No problem looking forward to it.
  14. I take my Bulldog Paramotor and all my equipment in a Autotrail Chieftain camper van, I find this great if you want to stay over, I previously had a Renault master and a tent. The Renault master, which I still own is a fantastic van very economical and reliable.
  15. Spot on Vince I fly the Bulldog Vittorazi Moster and I have seen on some dealers pages quoting them at 23.5 kg . I will have to put mine on the scales next time it's empty but like you say it's great to get a powerful motor coming in so light.
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