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  1. see, now there is a good idea! one of many uses!!! (what if i find its my wife??)
  2. i have a rather nifty pair of night vision goggles, hmmm now what could i use them for??
  3. the ul does not have a visor and i want to look cool when i fly, lol (i have another helmet that i use when using a radio)
  4. Right which combo looks best (because i like to look cool when im up high where no-one can see me!!)
  5. bignos

    Paramotoring boots

    i have hanwags, and if you are asking if they are worth the money then i would have to say that i dont know, but what i do know is that i had a heavy landing 9 years ago wearing cheap boots and broke my ankle. I have never felt pain like it - 3 months in plaster! I am not going to take that risk again.......
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