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  1. On the side that the fuel enters the carb, there is a tiny gauze filter that often gets blocked, and would exhibit the symptoms you described
  2. Also remember the height needs to be adjusted with the gasket on.
  3. One of me taken during take off.
  4. Hi Paul, You might also want to check that the clunk in the tank is clean, it might be that it has some dirt n it that does not allow enough fuel at idle but as you increase RPM it increases the suction and works ok. I had it on another machine not too long ago. While your at it check for kinks in all the fuel and air hoses. Barry
  5. Just remember to tie the brake handles at the right length
  6. Where in Hampshire are you? There is quite a few of us near Chichester. And fly on the Hampshire border. Access to another place to fly would be a big bonus.
  7. Hi, I am a similar weight to you and I fly a speedster 30 and it is a great wing. Real easy to launch and really good glide rate. It might be available for sale if u are interested, pm me.
  8. Hi, Glad you got it sorted, I suspect that as it was the first time I had fully dimantled it to sqeeze it into the the car with my new kit I must have either kinked it getting it to you or on reassembly. Either way I am glad you are happy with it. Keey up posted with pics / videos of your flights.
  9. A local pilot in Sussex was fined £1500 plus court cost for low flying a local beach. So yes it does happen.
  10. correct link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Parajet-Baile ... 3cddc9b67a
  11. See this link for the reduction ratio viewtopic.php?t=5726
  12. Ebay decided to remove my listing because I would prefer cash on collection, so the new ebay number is 261419021946
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Parajet-Baile ... 3cddc9b67a Only 40 hours Parajet V5 Zenith, 4 stroke paramotor, no need to mix two stroke oil. Start and runs perfectly and is a dream to fly. It is the custom green colour, it comes with a standard Helix prop which has had a few stone chips and has been repaired, it looks a bit tatty but functions perfectly. It includes the optional reserve pocket, I have sewn the zip shut to make sure it never accidently comes loose but is easily removed if required. The reserve is not included but can be negotiated if required. I have a brand new eprop available if you would prefer but this would be at an extra cost. This machine has been well looked after and has just had full service. It has done 40 hours and is 10 months old. It is used and has some minor marks, that you would expect with any paramotor. To buy this machine new today with the same options would cost in the region of £6400. I would prefer cash on collection or cleared bank transfer as the PayPal charges are high. It is advertised elsewhere and I reserve the right to remove it early. Any questions please call me, Barry on 07748986084
  14. Hi Miro, I have two or three different ones here that you can try / look feel if you can wait till next the we are flying. Barry
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