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    Paramotors allowed

    The event has been running for a number of years now as a PG event and l have attended the last two with two or three others to let the public know of powered flight. One of the organisers, Don Shipton from the Sky Surfers Club spoke to me on my first visit to this event inviting PPG pilots and we were made very welcome. Its a public event, so there are quite a few enquires on how to get started in Paramotoring and a good plug for the PMC. Mike
  2. Mike

    Paramotors allowed

    All, The Butser Festival of Flight is on again this year (13th June) This event is where PG'ers talk and demonstrate to the general public about paragliding. It is also the only day of the year that Paramotors are allowed onto Butser. The host Club is the Sky Surfers Club. If the weather is good its a great day out. Good day to advertise the PMC Regards Mike
  3. Well done Pete, good to know your in the air again. Thanks for the advice (re: PM) see you at the flyin or before. Best wishes Mike
  4. I'm in. got the Saturday off work (result) ....... question for Pete...started motor up yesterday and it sounded for want of a better word "gritty". do you think its either the old fuel or the carb is slightly blocked? Cheers Pete. Mike
  5. Hi Weemo, Have a chat with Richard Whitmarsh. He is a PMC instructor who lives in Cornwall area. He may be able to help you either himself or will know someone in that area. Regards Mike
  6. A lot of these people that "moan" don't know what they are talking about and you do feel like telling them where to get off politely lol. I was ground handling once and a chap came up, red in the face, and said "you can't fly here, its not allowed" this was a flat field and l had not got my motor with me. Did he expect me to magically get lifted high into the air. stupid sod. I hope alot of these "Jobs Worth" people eat their hats and choke lol. Mike
  7. Hi Manny, You are only half an hour from me (Sunbury to Farnborough) but my main flying site when good weather and work doesn't mix is still Lambourne which is just over the hour from here. Also l am only 15 minutes away from Barry's field which as Dan says is £8 a session but it is a superb flying field. Best wishes with your flying Mike
  8. Cheers Simon, will get in touch with Rob.
  9. Where can you buy this STIHL oil, and if it comes in 100ml bottles then easier to pack away in harness for long trips. I will also look in B & Q. Mike
  10. Hi Poz, l am exactly the same, and after the first look l then see if there are any hazzards. When not driving l am looking up to see what the clouds are doing. Its the rotton weather that does it, wishing and wishing lol. Mike
  11. at least it got me out of bed this morning lol. I can now do some light chores and watch some more DVD's if Jackie lets me. (typical BBC, done the same to us in 2008) Mike
  12. Yep all signed up. see you soon Simon. Hope to be flying again in early May, so see you all then. Mike P.S. the domain site is discontinued when l paid but l am sure the amount went through SW.
  13. Where did you find the sign up page Simon, can't find it in the shop Mike
  14. Its on BBCi player now. Not for 1hr 35mins. more like 10 minutes but it was good that he got the Paramotorclub.org plug in. Looks like a grand day at the Flag pole (wished l was there now) Whoever's there hope your enjoying yourself's Mike
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