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  1. Would love to buy the training wing off you..... PM me please.
  2. This look more like a DK Whisper GT to me, but could be wrong. While Gilo bought the rights to the DK Whisper paramotor it is not a parajet model and definately NOT a Volution. As Simon rightly says, this has got to be 15 years old.
  3. Replacement netting is £140 plus VAT from Parajet.
  4. Here's a brief review by Parajet Team pilot Dean Eldridge http://www.parajet.com/news/article/dea ... its-paces/
  5. If you are travelling down near to Wiltshire then why not pop into the Parajet factory, someone will always happily show you around and you can try a Zenith or Volution on for size. Just give Sales Manager Tom a ring beforehand....
  6. The spacers on the Bailey are there because the engine is situated slightly lower on the chassis and therefore the fuel tank is lower. So to make sure we have a good attachment, the spacers are required.
  7. Luckily no Parajet's were harmed in the making of this news story..... no sure about dented pride though lol
  8. There must be a way to report this to eBay or ??
  9. Pretty much what everyone has said... but why not offer him a tandem flight, maybe if he experienced the fun of flying he might reconsider and even be a convert and start flying himself....?? Just an idea..... The RAF offer free helicopter rides to the farms around here where they fly......
  10. Yes, Parajet Team pilot has done a few tandems with the Zenith. There are pictures on the Parajet Facebook page in the Wall Posts
  11. Parajet sell them..... http://shop.parajet.com/index.php/agama ... ystem.html
  12. Parajet are based in Semley just the other side of Shaftesbury (about 15mins drive). Everyone at the factory are always looking for new people to go flying with....
  13. Full information on the Zenith is now up on the Parajet website. Check it out at http://www.parajet.com/paramotors/zenith/
  14. Parajet are taking the new Zenith to Gadget Show Live next week so a great opportunity for anyone going to see it up close and in detail.
  15. Dean Eldridge has been running this engine in his Parajet Volution Custom for a few months now.
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