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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, the carb kit turned up yesterday so I will have a go at the weekend. Cheers Eddie
  2. Hi Simon Thanks for coming back to me. I have ordered a service kit but the old diaphragms look okay so not sure it will make a difference! I am not clear how the system works, can someone explain how it works? It appear that the primer pumps petrol into the head through the decompressor and into the crankcase via the carburettor flange. What pumps the fuel up (or sucks) after that? Regards Eddie
  3. I have a PAP 1250 with the M25Y Black Devil engine and I have just got it out to start it up (a bit late in the year but I have other hobbies!) and it will start after priming but won't run! I assume that there is no petrol being 'sucked up' to the carburettor, can somebody explain how this works and what I should be doing please? Thanks for any help Eddie
  4. I will be about over the weekend, even if weather is flyable I live very close to the field we fly from! If you want to pop over just let me know when. Just bring your paramotor and we will check it all out when you get here.
  5. Colin Sorry for the delay in replying. Got your picture of your tank, looks okay to me. I have repaired mine (for the moment) with Araldite and it doesn't seem to be leaking. Happy to change with you anyway as the new one I have is just sitting in the garage, only problem is how to meet and sort it out! Talking of being sorted what do you think of my new setup!!
  6. Colin It is the only tank that PAP do now, I believe, so you can look at a picture on UKPPG or Skydragons. Send me a picture of your tank (to my phone if you want 07863156080) and I will take a look. Eddie
  7. Hi Colin The frame that I have has extra supports around the tank that stop the 1 litre tank from fitting into the frame.
  8. I have a shiny new 13 litre fuel tank for a PAP that will not fit my older type frame and a leaky fuel tank! Would anybody like to do a straight swap, my new 13 litre tank for their old 10 litre one?
  9. You are right Pete life is too short but Simon has to have the last word! I was assuming the rule applied because there would be people at the stud farm as well, but we all know what assuming does I am obviously not getting my point across so I will make it clearer: It is not enough to quote CAA rules (and to assume that all pilots actually know them!) we need to be more considerate and a bit more professional in what we do and use common sense as well. That is all I am trying to say. This is a small community and it is a shame if we can't all get along.
  10. Pete You are wrong about the local knowledge being passed on. I wasn't asked and I am not prepared to answer on behalf of SP. Needless to say, if you have a paramotor school 1/2 mile away and local pilots with flying fields attending it would be a good idea to check! I asked about the stud farm East of Tetsworth and was told '500ft rule applies. It seems the horses in Membury are more important than the ones in Tetsworth! It was great to see you and all the others but a bit of cooperation and consideration would have been a better way forward. It seems that nobody is going to 'build a bridge and get over it' as I read recently and would rather keep this squabbling going so I guess this will be my last post if it gets on the site. Blue Skies Eddie
  11. It is unlike me to get involved in petty squabbling on any forum as I am happy to try and get on with everybody but this thread is really getting to me at the moment. Firstly, I was at the fly in all 3 days, on and off, and I popped in to see Simon Payne on my way home as I drive past his field. The inference that he called the police is total rubbish. The police popped over to his field (as they often do to watch the paramotoring) thinking the complaints were about his paramotorists and were told about the fly in so they popped down to check it out. No big deal! The house owner with the pool that was next to the field people were messing about in had asked to be listed as a 'no fly zone' but this information was not relayed to the pilots causing him to turn up at Simon Paynes field in a very unhappy state. This was not good as Simon runs his school from there and, quite rightly, does not need to annoy this man any more than he already has. On a final note what is it about having a fly in at Tetsworth? I have been on the PMC site for a few years now and, to the best of my knowledge, we have had 6 fly-ins. 1 with Pete in Gloucestershire, 1 with Pete at Silverstone and the other 4 within 7.5 miles of Thame where Simon Payne runs his school. Why is there an obsession with having it in my back yard.? Why not annoy somebody elses neighbours for a change and give us a break? Why not have one at Membury, or is it okay to screw up other peoples flying sites but not your own? I would have been happier, and so would SP, if our local knowledge and restriction were taken into account but that was not the case. Sorry about the rant but this is a big country and it seems that the PMC is out to screw up our flying sites and has no consideration for the local pilots. EC
  12. Got home from work tonight, primer plunger had arrived from jetski dealer (thanks Notch), fitted in minutes and motor started second pull after a year of sitting in the garage! Worked a treat, looking forward to dodging thunderstorms at the weekend. See you all there. Eddie ps. If weather is bad perhaps Pete can do a course on how a 2 stroke works as he won't be able to do anything else with his dodgy hand! pps. Maybe not 'anything'else!
  13. How is your hand now Pete, all sorted?
  14. Thanks Pete but it is not a normal plunge type primer. It is a dual primer but, as Notch indicated, it appears that it is common to nearly every Jetski made! I have ordered one from a Jetski parts supplier and should get it mid week.. Thanks for all your help, see you Friday.
  15. Hi Colin Good to hear from you. I have no idea what a choke plate is and why I won't have to prime my engine! Perhaps I need to find out more about how my engine works (or not works in this case) particularly the starting system.
  16. It would appear that it is called a primer plunger and is made in the USA. I am hoping that Airtime products have one in stock but will have to wait until Monday to check it out.
  17. Hi Simon I don't really know. The primer has 2 petrol pipes on it and is part of the PAP set up rather than Corsair (it is a M25y Black Devil engine) and PAP agents aren't easy to find. I was hoping someone with a bit more knowledge of this system could help. If it would help anybody help me I can look at the paramotor and describe where the pipes go! Eddie
  18. I am desperate for a fuel primer for my PAP125 as per the picture. Can anybody help with where I can get a replacement or alternative please. I don't want to miss the fly in next week.
  19. Hi Simon Good to see you are still around. Are you not happy flying in Oxford any more? Are you going to the fly -in so we can catch up? Eddie
  20. Hi Simon That was the reason for the original question! You know I always thought that a location should be compulsory in the signature registration I will be there this year (no operation to keep me away this year) just need to find a fuel primer for my PAP1250 if anyone can help. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the fly-in, let me know if I can help in any way as I don't live very far away. Eddie
  21. I am not sure if you are still looking but I have a petrol tank for the PAP if you are interested. Eddie
  22. I assume you are still coming to the fly in Pete. If camping is a problem with your injury I only live a mile away and you are welcome to stay with me on the Friday and Saturday. Look forward to Seeing you all there. Eddie
  23. I may have one that will fit and is new. Please put your location in your signature so that we can see where you are and you might get more replies from people that are local. I will check out the tank. Eddie
  24. Hi Simon Thanks mate, I will definitely take you up on your offer. It will be good to see you all. Hi Tony I am sure I can use the field if I want to but I was let down last time by people not understanding what the term 'no fly zone' means! I know that you are okay so we might still get the chance for you to land in the pond again. I will ring Simon Payne as he doesn't seem to use this site anymore. Hope to see you soon. Eddie
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