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  1. If you are being trained in the UK you will learn a lot about our "changeable" weather and won't waste hours driving on unflyable days, your instructor here will have an eye on that. There is something about learning in the environment that you will be going solo that's a strong factor for staying here. That said, a lovely sea breeze on a beach in Portugal sounds very inviting.
  2. Hi guys, Just a note that someone living in Guildford mentioned to me that a few low flying paramotors have come to their attention recently causing a nuisance. it's the houses directly after the Hogs Back transmitter as you are flying due East to Newlands Corner. If you are able to get a few hundred feet higher or divert slightly South I'm sure it would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Everyone is dying to get out in the sunshine to play with their toys but it's just not on, it's very bad for the sport if you are seen flaunting the rules now. Exercise is going for a walk/run/cycle from your front door, most people can do this without injury. Sister-in-law is a front line nurse doing night shifts, she's ringing us every day and it's incredibly grim, way worse than on the news. She would cut off your balls with a rusty knife if you went in to her hospital with a broken ankle after going for a quick fly while everyone else manages to stay at home.
  4. Suunto X-Lander watches are cheap and accurate
  5. It's correct - counters the torque steer when under power.
  6. dantheman


  7. I'm sure Paul Green was up over Newlands corner a couple of weeks ago, otherwise see who's knocking around from Barrys place at Normandy.
  8. I'm sure it would have been Basingstoke common - quite a few fly from there
  9. Pete, enjoy your time with the nurses, maybe get a go-pro fired up for some interesting in hospital footage Get well soon mate !
  10. Love your mate in the tractor flashing his lights
  11. If you want to watch the Parajet display team they stream the footage live every day:
  12. Just a heads up, Gilo is displaying at Farnborough and he's booked to do his validation display at 11:30 tomorrow. Full article here Sorry I can't make the fly in, already had tickets for an event at Folkstone
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