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  1. Hi guys, Just a note that someone living in Guildford mentioned to me that a few low flying paramotors have come to their attention recently causing a nuisance. it's the houses directly after the Hogs Back transmitter as you are flying due East to Newlands Corner. If you are able to get a few hundred feet higher or divert slightly South I'm sure it would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Everyone is dying to get out in the sunshine to play with their toys but it's just not on, it's very bad for the sport if you are seen flaunting the rules now. Exercise is going for a walk/run/cycle from your front door, most people can do this without injury. Sister-in-law is a front line nurse doing night shifts, she's ringing us every day and it's incredibly grim, way worse than on the news. She would cut off your balls with a rusty knife if you went in to her hospital with a broken ankle after going for a quick fly while everyone else manages to stay at home.
  3. Suunto X-Lander watches are cheap and accurate
  4. Thanks, have a couple more. Flying down Wisley airfield Paul over Guildford heading into the sunset Paul over the fields Just landed - pub time
  5. I had some really nice evening sunset flights last autumn from Guildford and knocked up another short video, even landed out one night at Newlands corner due to running low on fuel and chosing to put down in a nice field before the fumes ran out over Guildford town centre. Since then I have been tied up a lot with work but flew with Paul last week and we had 90 mins of fun chasing balloons then circling combine harvesters & tractors in the fields around Surrey. The old H&E is still going strong, just changed the gearbox oil again to keep it healthy and I'm in the process of filling a
  6. Thanks guys (had forgotten my blog), camera is a Fuji F100fd - really small compact camera with dual image stabilisers - it's getting a bit old now but does the job nicely. Few piccys of the Essex fly-in taken with it.... Have also managed to put a decent video together since getting the budget GoPro 960, some cracking dawn & sunset flying on this clip which were shot in 720p. [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]GoPro frame capture
  7. Muffs keep your ears warm this time of year plus a large proportion of helmets seem to have them attached......
  8. Hi Jon, thanks for the feedback and good luck with getting started in the sport, I'm a few years into it now and it's still as special as it ever was, I'm sure you will love it. Here is a pic of the Surrey boys high over the North Downs last weekend.....
  9. Just had an amazing weekend at the Silverstone PMC fly-in, clocked up another three hours with two of those being on an early morning 40 mile round trip to Santa Pod race track. On Friday eve it was a quick dusk 15 min hop to get my bearings with Steve Haze as we zoomed around the neighbourhood, then try to get some kip to get the best of the Saturday morning still air. I had a job dragging myself out of bed and I could have done without the forward launch up hill with a full fuel load but the warm air of the sun in my face was worth the effort and I was soon making good progress downwind. I
  10. Thanks mate, hopefully a few more hits to look at these lovely photos from the Sussex fly-in... Met up with the guys at Seymores farm and the conditions could not have been better, no big stuff into Gatwick to worry about and a cloudless (apart from volcanic ash) sky. I said I would have a quick 5 min flight to test the bumps but it was so nice I just got my bearings and headed to the coast. After skirting the bird sanctuary I dropped into the Arun valley between the South Downs. Amberley castle looked fantastic and I was tempted to call it a day after photographing it and head back to the
  11. Bit late to start my 2010 flying but am moving house in a few weeks so it's a bit manic, however when I saw the skies today I had to do something about it. Used Simons cricket pitch to have a fantastic hour's sortie with RAF Colin. First pics with my new camera, FUJI F100FD and it's ace, fiddly buttons with gloves on but still dooable, have to tape up the battery compartment as I accidentally opened it, was very lucky not to send the battery into a field.
  12. Was great to see all the guys at the farm, DanP did indeed have a huge climb rate so it's no camera angle
  13. Bagged three excellent flights over the weekend at Simon's Oxford fly-in. The first was Friday evening, the sun was about to set and the big red Virgin balloon appeared on the horizon so I forward launched in hot pursuit. There were about three of us heading his way so once the first one (Dan Burton I think) did a circle so the passengers could all get a good photo we all peeled off and headed to the old WWII airstrip where we were joined by DanP beating up the runway doing footdrags and stuff. Headed back to the field as the sun dissappeared over the horizon and finished the day off with a fe
  14. Sorry Ian it was a bit late last night and I was knackered. Anyway yes it's an el cheapo Fuji A800 which is most likely obsolete by now, I really need a camera with image stabilisation as loads of pics come out blurry so I'm on the hunt for a Fuji F100FD when I have some spare cash. Josh the wing is Blue with a bit of orange, I was down your way and I'll keep my eyes open for you on the deck, won't be long till you are taking off to meet us. Last night there were about six hot air balloons up when I took off but they were all landing as I got near them, one day I'll catch one up Another p
  15. Thanks for the comments chaps, camera is mentioned somewhere earlier on this thread...... so how this for tonights sunset photo ?? flew a triangle out to Farnham, then Hindhead and back to meet with with Bruce from Guildford to watch the sunset.
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