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  1. Hi all, This just arrived from Thames Valley Police. Looks like weekend travel heading to and from Membury from the East could be problematic for the next few months.... Please see information below from the Highways Agency regarding the M4 closures. Maintenance work to replace the beams and waterproofing material to the bridges which carry the M4 over the B4009 Hampstead Norreys Road near Hermitage, Brocks Lane near Frilsham and Burnt Hill Road has now started. As previously advised, during work to demolish and install the bridge deck beams, specialist working methods and equi
  2. I'm reminded of a Father Ted episode: Small... far away. B52H wingspan is 56.4m. Paraglider wingspan 8m-ish. They may be in the same photo but not actually that close.
  3. Attach a prop and hang points and you'd have a beautiful road-legal flying machine
  4. slim

    Tip to Tip 2010.

    Hey Norman, you told us you had a proper job but now we have the evidence that you play "Asteroids" all day
  5. Hi Peter, welcome to the forum, glad we got your registration sorted. S.
  6. slim

    Tip to Tip 2010.

    Hi Tracey et al, I don't think that there is much point in getting together until Simon gets back from the Skycar expedition so I'd say sometime in early March. See you all soon, Stuart
  7. I believe that the Stig suffers from "multiple personality disorder". I know one of the personalities well
  8. Blinkin freezin'! A motley crowd started gathering at about 09:30 at Dunsfold awaiting the arrival of the Skycar crew. The freezing fog shrouded the whole airfield and very little moved except for the sound of a supercharged V8 pounding up and down the main runway (more of that later). Rumours started of problems getting out of London - which later turned out to be true, one of the support vehicles had some interesting problems of the "not going forwards" kind Eventually the Skycar turned up. It has a Yamaha R1 bike engine it it so it revs very freely and sounds crazy but not nearly as cra
  9. Simon W was in London at the press launch today and travelling to Dunsfold in the morning for the official "departure" I'm planning to get down to Dunsfold and see this thing fly with my own eyes (video camera in hand) in the morning. I'll be leaving from Reading at about 8am if anyone wants to share transport. Stuart.
  10. slim

    Dunsfold Park.

    You wouldn't happen to have been filming for something would you?
  11. slim

    Tip to Tip 2010.

    Ok, planned distance is about 2500 miles. TipToTip UK was about 800 miles planned for 8 days flying time (yes, I know the weather was pants so it took over 2 weeks) Are we expecting equally bad weather so allowing for an even lower miles per day or is there some other reason for the 8 week timeframe? Stuart P.S. Will start discussing a long vacation in 2010 with the Mrs this evening.
  12. Great pictures Dan, I am sooo jealous. As soon as this spike in work load is over I shall be back in the harness. SLiM
  13. Well done Dan, great writeup. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement on Wednesday evening. I will fly soon, I will! Your first flight was an inspiration. Stuart
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